2005 Taiji Traditions Camp

by webmaster3 on 2005/05/17

Originally written by: Michael Zimmer
Date: 5/17/2005 0:00
Title: Tai Chi Tradition
Organizer: Gordon Muir
Location: Camp Thunderbird, Victoria, Canada


In April of 2005 I was priviledged to attend a Chen style Taijiquan workshop given by Chen Zhonghua in Victoria, British Columbia. The week long camp was organized by Gord Muir and took place at Camp Thunderbird, a YMCA camp. The camp was a success with me, and with all participants that I talked to. The week covered a broad range of material, including several empty hand forms (e.g., Yi Lu, Cannon Fist), a sword form, silk-reeling exercses, applications of forms, and talks on Daoist and Confucian thought.

Camp Thunderbird is nestled on a small lake in the West Coast rain forest, but during the week, we had nothing but mild weather and a blue sky. The accomodations were reasonable (it was a camp), the training hall was very good, and the food was good (but it was a camp).

The instruction provided by Joseph was top notch, and his disciples were always willing to take time to help with aspects of the training. Evenings contained a mix of extra practice, talks, walks, videos, sauna, or socializing, depending on your preference.

I would have to say that this seminar was superior to any others that I have attended, and I have attended many over the last few decades, in various martial arts. Chen Zhongua is the 19th generation Chen Style Taijiquan International Standard Bearer under the lineage of Hong Junsheng, and the excellence of his skills and depth of his knowledge provided a rare and valuable opportiunity for learning.

Michael Zimmer

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