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Originally written by: Lyle Little

Subject: comments

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:41:17 -0600

From: Lyle & Bonnie Little

To: Gordon Muir

Hi Gord, Tai Chi Traditions camp was a great experience. The setting was beautiful at camp Shawnigan, I enjoyed having a coffee in the morning overlooking the lake. The accommodations were better than expected for a camp setting. The comfort of the dorm style rooms were greatly appreciated. Having the gymnasium to work out in was a great asset with such a large group. The staff at the camp were freindly and always had a smile. And the food…. the FOOD. I have not eaten that much in such a long time.

Master Chen and Master Muir’s knowledge base was very impressive and the teaching approach comfortable to learn from. As a curious observer and beginner to Chen style tai chi I was intimidated before coming into the workshop, but I felt very comfortable with the group and Master Chen, Master Muir and everyone at the camp made me feel welcomed and ok as a beginning student. Master Chen’s deciples were always happy to help work with me on the basics. I was impressed by Master Chen’s exceptionally detailed and very accomplished knowledge of Tai Chi. I consider myself very luck to have been able to have spent such extensive time with a master of such an obviously high world standing in the Tai Chi martial arts.

I am most impressed with the direct and clean lineage of Chen Tai Chi Practical method. As a massage therapist of over 18 years with a high standing in my profession and working as a therapist and consultant with the CFL football franchise in Sask. and studing yang style tai chi, the direct concepts of mechanics of the kua, stacking the bones and generation of power made absolute sense to me. I have even taken some of this knowledge and applied it to my practice as a massage therapist. If only I can somehow transfer this knowledge of true power to the offensive line. Master Chen and Master Muir not only explained in plain language true internal power but for the first time in my martial arts experience they were able to produce and show true interal power. There is no denying the truth in Chen Style Tai Chi Practical Method.

Thank you to Master Gordon Muir and his partner Barbara for keeping the camp organized and running smoothly. This is never an easy job but they did it seamlessly. I made many friends at the camp and I hope to continue those friendships into the future. This camp is a must for any martial arts of any level if you are looking for the truth in tai chi. I look forward to speedy learning my friend, thank you. Lyle Little RMT

Just a side note Gord. Thanks again to Barbara and yourself for putting me up on friday and the breakfest. Supper at the restaurant was great too, Good job of picking the dishes! Feel free to print all or part of the above comment for any advertising or website use. See you soon I hope.

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