David Rivera review of the Puerto Rico Workshop in 2009

by webmaster3 on 2009/02/17

Originally written by: David Rivera
Dear Joseph:
I have a slight mixup with the multiple email addresses for you and the school. If its
ok with you I will continue to use this one. I located it as you can see from your first
visit to Puerto Rico.
This is just a short personal note to thank you for your recent visit to Puerto Rico.
The seminar was of great benefit to all participants. I personally had an opportunity to
say hello to old friends; Oscar from the kitchen, Cookie (Ramon Korf) and Angie from
Yang Tai chi days. She was there for the meditation session.
I feel that i came away with a deeper perspective or feeling for how energy can
move throughout our bodies; and the importance of focusing on this in the form and the
applications. I feel like a baby in diapers and hope to develop this feeling on a more
profound level in my practice of the forms.
I have always believed greater committment for anything you want to learn in life
comes from an understanding of the principles so as to internalize this within you. If you
want to learn to play the piano you have to understand music theory and notation and
practice, practice, practice. Tai chi seems to require this same level of committment.
Here the benefits can be so significant in our lives that the benefits go hand in hand
with the great effort required
Thank you for sharing the experiences with Master Hong, the life of Mao, how Chen
reflects the life of the Chinese culture and your teaching center in China.
Also thank you for the opportunity of meeting your lovely wife.

Best personal Regards

David- Puerto Rico

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