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Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking up and down the webpage to find out what the following abbreviations mean. In words, at least :) )

LFSB – ?????

SWPE – sink waist press elbow

SYYZ (?) -?????


All come up in the New York 2018 workshop and the vid doesn’t talk about the remaining two. I GUESS SYY means “seperate yin and yang” but I am clueless about the “Z”

Can anyone help me out? And yeah, I am aware that the mere wording means nothing and I’ll probably not be closer to being able to do it than before but I am CURIOUS :)

Thanks in advance!




2018 China Sport-Tourism Exhibition Special Sport Event

2018 China Sport-Tourism Exhibition Special Sport Event

2018 China Sport-Tourism Exhibition Special Sport Event:
Shandong Daqingshan International Taiji Competition

Issued by:
Sport and Cultural Development Center of the
National Sport Bureau

Dates for 2019: May 18-19, 2019

Lever In The Leg

Recently, I had a dream where I used my thigh to push down the opponent at his thigh. Shifu came over and mentioned something that I didn’t quite understand. I then practiced that move with another student named Benz, and I got that move in the dream. When I woke up, I realized that I learned something.
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Tai Chi workshop 2019

Attendees: Alex, OngWM, Flo, Chandra, Jojo
1. Twisting Towel train the Elbow to be in the Middle
2. Six Sealing 4 Closing train the Shoulder to
be in the Middle
3. Fetch Water train the Kua to be in the Middle

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I was having a discussion with my disciple brother Brennan Toh about what I have been working on with my long term students Gerry and Emily, with specific attention to Lie , one of the 8 techniques of Taiji.  At the North American Practical Method Training Camp last year Brennan was taking me down with this same technique, except his upper/lower body separation was crazily effective….he took out significant space from below without his top moving (his top continued to match my upper body).  This lead to him suggesting the following drill: Read more