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Foundation Introduction, Master Chen 13 Move demo. Two videos
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 9 + 9 min.   In: English   Year: 2016  Difficulty:1/5

Perth 2016-1/2
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Fetch water detail, Twist towel detail. Two videos
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 11 + 7 min.   In: English   Year: 2016  Difficulty:1/5  At:Prague

Prague 2016-2/3
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  1. Ken Lang joined the class for the first time. He started learning about twisting the towel.  He has been doing taiji for 10 years, and went to study at Chen Village for 6 weeks.  His initial impression was that the Practical Method elbow-in was similar to what he learned in Chen Village. His teacher there was Master Chen Zhaosen.
  2. We reviewed twisting the towel, and how the hand is to be connected to the foot, and how to push the foot against the ground to squeeze out the hand.
  3. We did an exercise with one person pushing the other person’s hand up the arm, and how to prevent the shoulder being popped up, and how to stretch through the back to the rear foot to find the connection.
  4. We practiced taking out the space.
  5. I told Bruce during push hands, at this point, make it a focus to simply maintain the desired posture regardless of what the opponents does to him.

After the 2-days Hong Kong Chen style Taiji practical method workshop held on 17&18 Dec, I joined the regular foundation Sunday class. Starting from my 1st day training, I learned the importance of the kua opening. When doing twist-towel or fetch water foundation, by opening the Kua, power can be transferred from the foot (ground) to the hand.
In order to see my measurable improvement, I measured the distance between my knees of my stretched open Kua on the 1st day. With the training aids of rubber band and rubber block, I practice the foundation exercise at home everyday. Today just finished the 3rd training lesson and I measured my knees distance again. I have little improvement from 80 cm to 81cm. I understood that this is very difficult to get my kua open at my age of over 60. But nevertheless, I will keep on trying.
I got one extra bonus, my waist get smaller, from 88 cm down to 85 cm.

Sammy is the young chap in the middle at the beginning of this video:

Curves come from straight lines and rotations.



Kelvin Ho gave us feedback on the first 7 moves of Yilu today. some examples to remember

Buddha’s warrior attendant pounds the mortar – in first move both arms move from the elbow. The right arm is a negative circle. Elbow is down and palm faces floor when you stretch out after grind out. To lift foot twist right elbow even more to connect and lift foot.

Block touching coat. – in step out adjust weight to front foot before arm moves and positive circle starts

Single whip – hands start at 45 degrees and end at 45 degrees as the elbow comes to centerline and fingers and forearm follow the same strait line rubbing against an imaginary vertical finger. The end of single whip the left hand out is a positive circle.  

Brush knee -    the left open hand drops down crossing knee. The end of brush knee when both arms are extended squeeze in on chest and down back as to not cause a rise in the chest. I found this very significant feedback because this is true in so many of the moves. It also seemed to have an impact on my next move to keep my back steady in initial closing.

 Today I realized how significant independent practice is in this practical method. Your body needs time to adjust to perform proper alignment and stretches. If your elbow has limited mobility or you cannot convert the squeeze in the chest to the back and downward, you need practise before you can move forward with more constructive feedback.

Using activity to find the middle
Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 60 min.   In: English   Year: 2016  Difficulty:1/5

Sydney Workshop 2016-3
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