Locations : Daqingshan, China

Daqingshan Mountain Resort in Rizhao, Shandong, China. This is Master Chen Zhonghua’s Taiji Training Center in China. He teaches full time taiji classes here for several months every year. Phone: 15863399555

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photos by John Ho

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Chen Xu in blue, 2nd round, video by Gawain Siu

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More students has arrived for the competition

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Summer Session for Full Time Training on Daqingshan has started with the arrival of Master Chen. He will be in China til the end of May and then back in August.

Daqingshan Hike Photos i

by admin2 on 2015/04/16

There are long hiking trails around Daqingshan mountain where visitors can explore
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Even though it is still cold, many students attend the workshop.There is also discipleship ceremony, push hand tournament and calligraphy during the weekend

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Master Chen is on three weeks trip to China to attend several events. First is at Tan Cheng for workshop and school opening with Master Wang DeYou

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Our first foreign students of the year have arrived. Thanos is from Greece and his wife Carolina is from Mexico.

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Videos of Lillia Kel of Germany, Jody Hall and Janet Ho, and others

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“Having been a guest at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort, I can say that Master Chen Zhonghua is a very generous, charismatic and extremely intelligent man. He has a passion for Taijiquan and I am grateful he shares it with the world. Read more











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Master Chen and students went to Wuhu Anhui province during 2014 Sports Culture & Sports Tourism Expo as delegates of Shandong province.
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Chen Xu is teaching a one week course on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in a junior high school in Feicheng, Shandong Province. He will go to Shanghai and then Jakarta to meet up with Master Chen Zhonghua after this teaching assignment.

陈旭肥城2 陈旭肥城1陈旭肥城4 陈旭肥城3 陈旭肥城5

The week October 1 – 7 is holiday in China. Master Chen invited Jiang Linghui (2013, 2014 Daqingshan Champion) to work with the practical method students during the holiday. There are about 30 of them meeting on DQS this long weekend.


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From time to time there is this dense fog on the mountain. Actually that the clouds. So you could say we were in heaven. For all interested going there: Most days during my stay were sunny, even in march.

But this fog was great, too. So mysterious. Sometimes you couldn’t see more than 10m. Ask John Intervalo about it. He arrived in a very dense fog and couldn’t see most of the mountain for about four days. But what a sight after that. It’s so beautiful there.



Three weeks ago we did arrive on Daqingshan with our little boy. We’re going to stay for 6 weeks, so now’s half time. So far we can say everything worked out very good, the Chinese are all pretty crazy about little Lukas, which very often give us a little more freedom to train – and that’s what we actually came for. So far with quite success. Read more

This workshop was attended by over 80 people.


photo 2

photo 1

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First two levels are now open.
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photo 2 photo 3


front2 We had an artists show today. The artists were all from Rizhao.
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photo 2 (2)We have more than fifteen student from outside China arrriving from Singapore, United States, Canada, Poland, Germany, India, Poland, Australia, Belgium.

Last night, Lilli Keller gave us a preview of the fire dance she will perform during our Conference and competition next weekend. Read more

Daqingshan Castle At Night

Daqingshan Castle At Night


DQSMar14 - 17


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This poster is composed of actual Daqingshan site photos. It is currently used as a large billboard at the entrance to Daqingshan on Highway 222.


The background mountain and the hotel are actual pictures. The area in front of the hotel is design effect.


This is a video of Brennen Toh doing Yilu while his arms are restricted by a rubber cord. It helped to reduce his tossing quite a bit.

Now people visiting Daqingshan can have one card for door admission, hotel charges, restaurant charges, purchase of any items on Daqingshan.