Daqingshan 2015 Notes

by Michael Koh on 2015/05/20

May 1: More students are coming up to the mountain to learn from Master Chen.

Thoughts: When teacher teaches us a principle, we quickly “interpret” into something we already know. This is not learning. This is teaching ourself. We lost the real teachings. The right way is to take notes verbatim. Don’t need to understand right away. Follow the method.

May 2: Touch more points. It is like typing on a typewriter with all your fingers instead of typing with one finger.

Each movement requires a non-movement to support.

Dont Move is absolute in space. Don’t Move is relative. Don’t Move is also directional.


May 4: Each force going out must have force coming back. When you punch, there must have a demarcation at the elbow, the shoulder must go back to the back and to the feet.

may_4 may_6 may_5

May 6: Meet up with Master Ge ChunYuan and with my 师伯 Jiang JiaJun. He is a student of Chen ZhaoPei and Hong JunSheng.

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