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Dear fellows,

I also want to announce it here, especially as our Taijiquan is a very central part of our life, that we are up to create a new community within the international township of Auroville, South India.

This should become a self-sustainable project, including training facilities, farming and all sort of arts, music, handcrafts etc. But more than that we want to Read more

Just recently we had the honor to serve as a story in one magazine in China “Women of China”. They have a print version beside their online platform at www.womenofchina.com.cn.

Here the two pages, thanks to Sarah Wang for the allowance to publish it.

At this point I also want to remind on our living project on the mountain. We still need some people who might be interested. Within the next season there are some candidates among our full-time students already. We are looking forward. All related information can be found   … here

So here the article:

Asking the difference between external and internal martial arts, today Master Chen Zhonghua put it this way:

“External styles use brute force, internal styles use manipulation.”


Daqinghan on 2017-01-27 / 28

We had the honor to spend the last days together with Master Chen Zhonghua and a small group of other dedicated students. Chinese New Year, people also call it “The Spring Festival”,  is the most important Chinese festival. Usually people spend it with the closest members of their families. But as our Masters family is Canadian we had the great opportunity to be together with him for this special day. Read more

Hello everybody,

It’s the first time now that I am on Daqingshan in January, and I have to say that it is really enjoyable. Read more

Read more


Trains and flights within China can be booked via internet on these platforms. They also have apps for mobile devices:


Places from where our drivers can pick you up are following. The prices are for one car going, it might be shared with others.

– Qingdao airport pick up is US$100.00
– Rizhao airport pickup US$40.00
– Weifang train station pick up is US$70.00
– Wulian train or bus station pick up is US$10.00.


Usually the procedure is always the same: You need our invitation letter plus the hotel reservation, with this you go to the China Visa Center, and a few days later you can pick up the visa. Common maximum is 3 month study-visa, this may be extended for 1 more month when you are in China.
But sometimes also longer periods may be issued. The longest is 1 year, when you have a job in China.

Next year with the opening of the school in Wulian we will have several job opportunities. For details get in touch with me via:  mail (at) practicalmethod (dot) de.


Hey Guys, actually you can buy nearly everything in China. We first came here with three packages of diaper and then found out, that you can buy them in every supermarket to nearly the same price like in our country (Germany) 🙂

Hard to get is coffee and cheese. But if you really need something for your “survival”, you can get really everything online  on www.taobao.com. This is pretty much like amazon in the west. Somethings are more expensive then in our home countries, because they have to be imported (chocolate, bio-baby food etc.).

A hint for using the search field of taobao: try to translate to Chinese first, then enter the Chinese characters. Taobao also can deal with lot’s of English terms, but the price range is quite large and very likely you get much better deals when entering Chinese.

20160804_093715 - 5-3

Do you want to live in tune with nature, surrounded by people striving for similiar goals, raising your children (if you have or want to have a family) in a harmonious community, rather than give them to the kindergarten?

Or do you have some money at the bank, but no idea what to do with it, how to invest AND would you like to spend some years on our mountain?

Then Daqinshan is the place for you! “Daqinshan” (大青山), literally “big green mountain” is a remote area in Shandong Province. Read more

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you can sign up for the next Berlin Workshop.

More information and application form here:


A summary of our extended stay 2015


After beeing in Daqingshan, Shandong Province in China for 4 month we are on our way back to Berlin now. We, that is me, my wife Sarah and little son Lukas, 2 1/2 years old. The first time I have been on the mountain in 2010, in 2012 Sarah did join and in 2014 the three of us have been here already once all together.

So here´s my summary from this stay: Read more

Already some time ago now I had an interesting discussion with another person from Germany. There was one aspect showing up, which in principle could be very interessting for all of us who want to learn Taiji.

Here and there Master Chen did point out that in Taijiquan (or at least our style of Taijiquan ..) there is nothing which is related to anything we know from normal life, to the contrary, in general things are totally opposite. Right? Read more

DQS 2015 - Practical Method Germany 2Since Aug, 1st we are here on Daqingshan for Fulltime Training with Master Chen and all fellow students and disciples. Below some more pictures of these days.

We had plenty of opportunities  to improve our Taiji, there were lots of lessons with Master Chen, sceduled ones but also the “little things” in between – just as I was used to experience it on DQS. Very nice, that though the whole thing here is getting bigger, the main spirit did stay the same. Read more




Berlin-Workshop_Chen-ZhonghuaDetails and sign up here:

Read more

Workshop_MichaelWinklerIntroduction to “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” in Berlin

Host: Technical University Berlin (Hochschulsport)
Referent: Michael Winkler, disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua
Time: Okt 18th & 19th (Sat,Sun), 10:00-15:00 each day
Content: foundations, first moves of the yilu, some partner exercises, basic theory

Details and link to sign up: ... here

P1090188_16-9_V1_scal-1350Photograph & Edit: Michael Winkler  –  Idea: Hugo Ramiro









Photograph: Ling Zili 凌子力  –  Editing: Michael Winkler


Three weeks ago we did arrive on Daqingshan with our little boy. We’re going to stay for 6 weeks, so now’s half time. So far we can say everything worked out very good, the Chinese are all pretty crazy about little Lukas, which very often give us a little more freedom to train – and that’s what we actually came for. So far with quite success. Read more

You can also see this form on my webpage here:

All comments are welcome!

Pictures of last weeks workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua. Again it was a pure inspiration – Thank’s to Master Chen, we did benefit a lot![nggallery id=189]

4-22-2014 5-27-09 PMHi buddies!
We just want to let you know that we (me and my small family) will be on DQS July, 18 to Aug, 26.
There will be our little boy with us (1 1/2 years old), so just in case feel free to talk to us because of sharing babysitting etc.

Hope to see some old friends again & looking forward,
Michael – Berlin, private mail: micha (a d)taiji-shiatsu (dot de)

All comments are welcome:

You can also see this video here (useful from within China, no YouTube stream):

I will hold another beginners workshop in Berlin just before the workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua.
It is hosted by the Technical University, fee is just 44,- €  for externals!
Date & Time: May 3./4., 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Place: TU-Berlin, adress & map see …here
Sign up … here  after April 1, or email to: mail[at]practicalmethod.de
Further information … here

Students Yilu i

by Michael Winkler on 2014/03/16

Here’s Alex, one of my students, after one year training. All comments are welcome:

Workshop_Chen-Taijiquan-Chen-ZhonghuaWorkshop with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin, Germany on May 6 – May 8 (Tue-Thu).

Public Workshop: 9:00-12:00 am
Private for disciples & teachers: 2:00-5:00 pm

Details and application … here.

This video and also the full interview you can also view here (no YouTube stream): http://www.practicalmethod.de/en/videos-2/interviews-more/interviews/video/118

All comments are welcome!

Hi everybody,
This weekend I’ll hold another workshop “Introduction to Practical Method” at the university in Berlin. Still some capacities left. Nice price because sponsored by the university.

Details on my page ... here.


Hi everybody,
When I recorded this form I was going through my recent Yilu Correction Video by Master Chen only for the first part of Yilu. Actually I wanted to wait for some 100 yilus more before uploading a rec again, but I didn’t have much time to practice recently and the weather was too nice to miss it ;-).
Please feel free to comment, all feedback is welcome.

Workshop_Micha_kleinHosted by University, very inexpensive and good for beginners:
by Michael Winkler, contact: mail@practicalmethod.de

1. new weekly class, starts Jan, 1st., Wed 8:00 am to 9:30 pm
Info & sighn up … here (german site of TU Berlin)

2. Workshop Okt 12.-13. (Sat-Sun) 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Infos & sighn up … here


This video can also be viewed on my webpage here (no YouTube stream): http://www.practicalmethod.de/de/videos/taijiquan/taolu-die-formen/video/54

Details and registration forms are now available also in English language on my website. Here the links:

1. Workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua:  July, 29. – 31.
… details here
… registration here

2. Introduction to Practical Method by Michael Winkler:   Okt, 12.-13.
… details and link to registration here

Recently, Lukas did start to practice …


Michael Winkler will hold a workshop on Feb 02. / 03. in Berlin. It is hosted by the university and it is very affordable. Price for non-students € 40,-.

More information and booking … here. (German language)

In case you can also conact me directly:

Michael Winkler

I did publish a gallery with screenshots of Master Chen’s Yilu 2009 on my webpage as a tool for learning the choreography. I also want to privode all the form names in English & Chinese (Characters plus pinyin with tones).

So I like to ask everybody to have a look and leave some comments in order to correct mistakes, esp. with the Chinese names. Also they are not complete yet. Read more

On learning process and emotions

A few weeks ago Master Chen Zhonghua mentioned a lot of important issues according Taijiquan and the learning process, and this was the time when he was about to leave the mountain. Meanwhile he is back again.

One out of many important things he pointed out was that we need to become “a-emotional”, or lets say emotionally very stable, if we want to create peng energy and learn Taijiquan. Read more

Today was Suhels last day, now he is heading back to Berlin. We had a great time together, thanks to everybody for all support. I felt like everybody was supporting each other very much, so although Master Chen Zhonghua was not here on the mountain we did train and learn a lot. Here’s todays grouppicture:

Hi everybody,

I’ve been now here on the mountain for about 3 weeks, and all together I will stay for 3 month. Here I want to give a first review about the past time.
During our first week Master Chen Zhonghua was still here, but then he left for about one month, so now is the time were we are without him here on Daqinghshan. Read more

Hi there, here are our latest recodings, first 4 of my students. All of them will go to DQS this year:

And here’s my latest. All comments are welcome.

still capacities left!

time: March, 31. & April, 1. – 9:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00 each day
Kolonnenstr 29, 10829 Berlin
costs: 100,- € (one day) / 165,- € (two days) Read more