Indonesia Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Gathering

by Jojo Juarsa on 2021/12/02

Online Instruction by Master Chen Zhonghua Assisted by Head Coach Alex Marentek & Coach Gora Nebulana

About Jojo Juarsa

Jojo Juarsa 蔡学超 (born in 1977, Jakarta), is an Indonesian Chinese (印尼华裔), currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Mining & Heavy equipment importer/distributor by day and a Practical Method Practitioner/Coach in the evening. Jojo's martial arts journey dated back from his early days while studying and working in Singapore (1985 - 2013). Back then he was introduced into External Martial Arts by various Certifified Instructors/Coaches. Jojo's first encounter into Internal Martial Arts (Practical Method) started in 2017 during his initial meetup with Master Chen Zhong Hua at a workshop in Jakarta. Since then he showed great dedication into learning this art, followed by his very first trip to DaQingShan in 2018 and subsequently in 2019. His trips to DaQingShan has made him progress significantly and propelled him to win in 2018 Jakarta Push Hands Tournament and 2019 Bali International Push Hands Competition. Jojo's gratitude towards Practical Method, has led him to unconditionally share this favorite Internal Arts to all like minded practitioners in Indonesia and globally. You can contact him at or kindly check his Facebook at

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