Chen Zhonghua elected Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method International Standard Bearer.

by Practical Method on 2007/03/07

On June 19, 2004, Chen Zhonghua was elected among Hong’s major disciples as Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method International Standard Bearer. This election was confirmed and authorized by Hong Junsheng’s senior son Hong Youren and 6th son Hong Youyi in a ceremony held at Shun Gen Shan Zhuang International Conference center in Jinan. The ceremony was held at the First Annual International Symposium of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method System.

Hong Youyi gave a detailed account of how the International Standard Bearer was elected.

Hong Junsheng’s Standard Bearer Li Enjiu presided over the ceremony. Hong Junsheng’s senior son came from Cangzhou for this special occasion. He issued the official certificate to Chen Zhonghua on behalf of the Hong family. On this historical day, 120 Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method enthusiasts from China and abroad gathered at the second floor of the Shun Geng Shan Zhang International Conference Center in Jinan. Present are: Grandmaster Hong Junsheng’s friend and municipal director of sports Mr. Zhou Lifen, son Mr. Hong Youren, son Mr. Hong Youyi, grandson Hong Sen and Hong Lin and 20 other members of the Hong family, Mr. Li Enjiu, Mr. Xu Guicheng, Mr. Zhan Ding Guo, Mr. Cai Shengye, Mr. Chao Xiuzhen, Mr. Pang Yuzhu, Ms. Liu Xiuwen, Mr. Wang Jinxuan, Mr. Li Shufeng, and Mr. Ha Lezhi. The following day, Mr. Chen Zhonghua and students paid a special visit to Mr. Meng Xianbin, who could not make it to the ceremony the day before.

At the ceremony, Hong Juusheng’s senior son gave a detailed account of Hong’s life. Hong’s 6th son gave an introduction to the Taijiquan of Hong Junsheng. He specifically dispelled the rumors about Hong’s abilities. He expressed his hopes that all disciples of Hong should join forces to promote the art of his father. He then gave a detailed account on how the Hong family selected and authorized Chen Zhonghua as Hong’s International Standard Bearer. Hong Junsheng’s Standard Bearer Li Enjiu gave an account of the master-disciple relationship between Hong Junsheng and Chen Zhonghua.

At the end of the ceremony, Li Enjiu gave a lecture on the positive and negative circles and their usages. Ding Mingye and Richard Johnson assisted Li Enjiu at his lecture. Hong Junsheng’s grandson Hong Sen demonstrated Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Yilu form. Third generation representative Du Lingong demonstrated Cannon Fist form. Participants of this event then had a fierce real competition.

Hong Youren officially bestowed the International Standard Bearer Certificate to Chen Zhonghua

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