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Food in Guilin, China 20231024-

Rice noodles.

These are photos of some of the dishes we have in the city of Guilin and in the township of Yangshuo. We are staying in Yangshuo and the workshop will be in the Yangshuo Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy.  Read more

Yangshuo, Guilin, China 20231025.

Before the workshop this weekend, we managed to see off the famous sites in Yangshuo.  Read more

Chen Zhonghua Taijiquan is authorised in Quanzhou, China 20231013.

泉州20231013 – 授牌仪式合影 Chen Zhonghua Taiji authorisation ceremony in Quanzhou, Fujian province on Oct. 13, 2023

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Chen Zhonghua Attends Linyi “MMA Action” as Special Guest 20230916.

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Photos of the 4th Dongying Chen Zhonghua Taiji Seminar 20230916.

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You can also see a few pictures here.

Today I said goodbye to my Shifu Chen Zhonghua in Gdynia. I just arrived in Vienna, Austria after one month traveling with Shifu, Gerry Gebhart, Chen Ronghua (Curry) and Song Zhenhua (Leo) through 7 European countries.
I met lots of old and new friends. It was great and it’s sad, it has to end. But even the best things in live end…. only to make place for new things.
In the picture below you see Shifu, Chen Xu, Ling Zili and me on my very first Workshop with Shifu in Wuxi, China. And below a picture taken exactly 9 years later in Vicenza Italy with Shifu, Leo, Gerry, Curry and me. With lots of Workshops in between.
There were many highlights along the tour of various nature, like cultural, touristic, culinary, personal and of course Taijiquan Practical Method-ic.
I hope I’ll find the time to render my notes into some articles about those highlights.
To answer one special request by Kevin Chen from Nantes, France briefly: I ate the worst but also the best Hamburger in Italy 😉
By the way:
If you want to practice Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in Austria, contact me. I’m living close to Vienna and we have a group here. As a disciple it’s my duty and an honor to propagate this rare art. I can show you the special characteristics of Practical Method. It must be experienced, so I invite you to have a look.
I’m also the coordinator for Practical Method in Europe, so if you want to know if there’s somebody close to you doing Practical Method, just text me.
Speaking of coordination: Thanks to all the host on the tour for the great workshops. And also a big “Thank you!” to their helping hands. It was a great time!
Raymond Dickey from London, England
Pavel Codl from Prag, Czech Republic
Sven Gusowski from Berlin, Germany
Thomas Poitreau from Bordeaux, France
Giuseppe Bon from Vicenza, Italy
Damian Jagosz from Żywiec, Poland
and last but not least
Tomek Raganowicz from Gdynia, Poland
Special thanks for helping me out organizing the Workshop in Vienna, Austria goes to
Fabian Kassing and Ewald Artacker
And a special thanks for retrieving my laptop which I forgot on the plane in Bordeaux goes to Thomas’ wife: Claire

Day 2 Photos of the Chen Zhonghua Gdynia Practical Method Workshop 20230402.

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Gdynia Practical Method Workshop Photos on April 1, 2023.

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Practical Method Event Photos 2021-










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2023 Full Year Master Chen Zhonghua’s Online Classes and Videos (Wed, Thur only)

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Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend workshop. I also would like to thank my Hunyuan sister Lin Jie from Tokyo for coming to see us and teach the Hunyuan bang/ruler set! Thanks to Jeff and Sooyeon for the Whistler trip!

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Chen Ronghua, a disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua in Yangshuo, Guilin, China, was featured on Guilin Page on Facebook 20221104. Here are some photos:

Another great way to discover Yangshuo, Guilin!
Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art advocating using softness to resist hardness. Chen Ronghua, who’s the disciple of Chen Zhonghua (the international standard bearer of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method) and the head instructor of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in Yangshuo, Guilin. To better inherit and promote Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, he teaches locals and foreign tourists to practice Tai Chi. Practicing Tai Chi between the hills and rivers of Yangshuo, you will get an insight into Chinese culture.

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Glenn Hall Discipleship Application 20221020.

Glenn Hall discipleship application photo

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Barb Stegger Discipleship Application 20221016.

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar.

Ben Phillips Discipleship Ceremony 20221010

Group Photo of all disciples at the ceremony!

Ben Phillips of Toronto became Chen Zhonghua’s 379th disciple in a brief ceremony at the Annual Toronto Practical Method Seminar

41st Daqingshan Practical Method Seminar 20220926.

41st Daqingshan Practical Method Seminar participants on top of Qingshan Summit.

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Hunyuan Qigong Workshop & Practical Method Private Master Chen Zhonghua
Hunyuan Qigong, created by Master Feng Zhiqiang, is the foundation of Hunyuan Taijiquan. The training of Gong is to nurture and to promote internal Qi, internal Jin and internal Gong. There are twelve forms in Hunyuan Qigong. This workshop is suited for everyone. No previous experience required.

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In a brief ceremony at the Queenstown Event Center on Sept. 6, 2022, Yuxin Liu was inducted as Chen Zhonghua’s 378th disciple.

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Melvin Ng Han Wei of Singapore passed all tests and requirements, and was successfully accepted as an indoor disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua in the lineage of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system. A brief ceremony was held in Singapore on August 21, 2022 during Master Chen Zhonghua’s 2022 Singapore Practical Method seminar.

The master of ceremony ofthe event was Michael Koh, Master Chen Zhong’s first disciple in Singapore. Some students and disciples in Singapore attended the ceremony.

Chen Zhonghua’s Disciples


On Jan. 9, 2022, Guangrao held its annual Practical Method general assembly. It was hosted by Hu Xiuyun, one of Master Chen Zhonghua’s local disciples. 40 People attended the event.

Chen Zhonghua Taijiquan Academy Guang Rao Branch 2021 Annual Meet.

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Kelvin Ho took on the yilu challenge once again and completed 200 yilus on Dec. 24, 2021 as inspired by Sooyeon Zacharias’s 180-yilu record on Dec. 18, 2021. He first attempted the challenge back in 2018, and completed 115 yilus. He started at 3:35 am and finished at 1:05 am. The entire duration was 21.5 hours broadcasted on zoom with 16 hours and 5 mins actually doing yilus. Many people came to visit and cheered. Many thanks for everyone’s support, especially for Sevastianos Maillis from Greece, Jojo Juarsa from Indonesia, and Sooyeon Zacharias from Canada who did yilus along side through zoom. They definitely helped ease this challenge. Sevastianos completed 36 yilus, Jojo completed 71 yilus (his personal best), and Sooyeon did another 100 yilus. For more information about Yilu Challenge, please refer to


Event Photos

Thanks to Instructors Chen Xu and Qiu Yingdong, and host Zhuang Yan. The 11th Practical Metod Seminar in Quanzhou, Fujian, China was a big success! Read more

Sooyeon Zacharias is the new record holder for doing the most number of yilus in single day. She did 180 yilus on Dec. 18, 2021 from 6:00 am to 11:59 pm with an actual effort of 18 hours. She has so far performed a lifetime total of 12579 yilus.

The previous record was held by Han Rui and Wang Kai for 172 yilus back on Aug. 31, 2017.

For more information, please see:

A: Hey Sooyeon, are you on vacation?
S: Yes, I am.
A: What do you do then?
S: Yilu
A: Don’t you do that everyday already?
S: Yep, just more of it, about 9 times more to be exact.
A: That’s not a vacation.
S: It’s an yilucation, and I love it.

Date: Dec. 12, 2021
Time: 4 pm WIB or 4 am EST

URL: Read more

As this year comes to a close, we are organizing an online zoom event to gather the PM students together around the globe to celebrate our achievements in 2021. In this event, we will include:

  1. A review on our global activities
  2. Special performances on forms and push hands
  3. Recognitions of individuals who have made great breakthroughs in their taiji
  4. A resolution speech from Master Chen Zhonghua for the new year

Mark your date and time.

Date: Dec. 18, 2021
Time: 8 pm China Time/7 am Eastern Time/5 am Edmonton Time

See everyone at the event!


Meeting ID:85415740768

Online Instruction by Master Chen Zhonghua Assisted by Head Coach Alex Marentek & Coach Gora Nebulana

Date: Dec. 5, 2021
Time: 4 pm WIB or 4 am EST

URL: Read more

On 21 Nov 2021, ATNI for the very first time did an Exclusive Interview with Master Chen Zhong Hua.

The outcome was overwhelming…hit beyond 300 participants in this Live Zoom Session.

For those who are unable to view last Sunday Live Session, kindly click on below link.

Kindly see attached words of thanks from all participants, for making this event a Success!!
Chatline from Zoom Meeting 21 Nov 2021_211126_214843

There will be an interview with Master Chen Zhonghua on Nov. 21, 2021 at 5 am Edmonton Time.

The interview will be conducted in English. The content will mainly be Master Chen’s stories of learning from Masters Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang. Everybody is encouraged to attend. Tell a friend! Thanks.

Meeting ID: 82543303297
Password: 510320

Other scheduled Practical Method interviews:
Read more

Special thanks to Alex, Gora, James, ATNI members and all live zoom attendees for contributing and tuning into this Live Webinar on 14 Nov 2021.  It was a great success!!

  1. On the last 5 mins prior to closing (in this recorded session), ATNI and James gave a sneak preview on the upcoming Sunday (21 Nov 2021) for an Exclusive Interview with Master Chen Zhong Hua (@7pm Jakarta Time +7 GMT = 5am Edmonton time).

Kindly mark this special event on your calendar!!

Playback recording for today’s session at link below:


Speakers: Alex Marantek and Gora Nubulana
Date: Nov 14, 2021
Time: 4 pm Indonesian Time (4 am Eastern Time)
Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Location: Zoom
URL: Click to join
Meeting ID: 825 4330 3297
Passcode: 510320

Session 1 – Technical Applications of Practical Method
Session 2 – Q & A

Past Video Highlight
On 31 Oct 2021 @ 1600 (Jakarta local time), the Alliance Taijiquan National Indonesia cordially invite Mr James Strider of PM Perth, Australia together with Mr Andi Maman & Jojo (PM Jakarta & Jogjakarta Branch) for the 23rd Webinar Session.  

Name: Jojo Juarsa 蔡学超

Location: Tangerang Warehouse, Indonesia

Date: 27 Oct 2021

Mission: Preparing for Yilu Challenge (Nov-Dec 2021)

Master Chen Zhonghua always says that we need to do 20 yilus a day. If you haven’t done it before, consider to give this a try. For this challenge, you will need about 2 hours a day, which can be divided into multiple sessions to fit into your busy schedule to practice 20 yilus. By the end, you will complete about 1200 yilus. Read more

Rachelle Bergeron, a long-time disciple, host, and organizer of Master Chen Zhonghua workshops in Ottawa, received a special present from her hubby recently — a sword rack that Emile himself made!


大众报业·齐鲁壹点 2021-08-19 09:54:41

您身边是否也有这精彩的景色?用镜头记录、捕捉身边的美好,把美丽传递, 一起来分享,欢迎上传至情报站哦~
齐鲁晚报·齐鲁壹点 互动编辑 牛耘

This is a new free community event to be hosted on the three selected Saturdays of July, August and September in 2021. It introduces tai chi as a morning exercise to start the day off. It also celebrates the re-opening of our cities in Ontario.
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