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Master Chen Zhonghua always says that we need to do 20 yilus a day. If you haven’t done it before, consider to give this a try. For this challenge, you will need about 2 hours a day, which can be divided into multiple sessions to fit into your busy schedule to practice 20 yilus. By the end, you will complete about 1200 yilus.

What to do?

  1. Say YES in the comment section.
  2. Before Nov. 1, record a full yilu video of yourself, and post it on
  3. Practice 20 yilus and record your yilu count each day at
  4. Upon completion of the challenge on Dec 31, record another full yilu video to compare with the first one to observe any changes in your body.

If you are thinking about it, just jump in and join the group. You will be glad you did at the end.

Happy training!

Rachelle Bergeron, a long-time disciple, host, and organizer of Master Chen Zhonghua workshops in Ottawa, received a special present from her hubby recently — a sword rack that Emile himself made!


大众报业·齐鲁壹点 2021-08-19 09:54:41

您身边是否也有这精彩的景色?用镜头记录、捕捉身边的美好,把美丽传递, 一起来分享,欢迎上传至情报站哦~
齐鲁晚报·齐鲁壹点 互动编辑 牛耘

This is a new free community event to be hosted on the three selected Saturdays of July, August and September in 2021. It introduces tai chi as a morning exercise to start the day off. It also celebrates the re-opening of our cities in Ontario.
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Regardless of the current difficulties this year, we will be organizing the 5th European Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Meet-Up. It continues this year close to Żywiec, Poland on August 28th through 29th. This years host is Damian Jagosz, who is a very dedicated student of our style Read more

Practical Method training photos in Yangshuo, China 20210613 Read more

Wang Ting Hotel on Daqingshan

Chang Xing Training Hall inside Wang Ting Hotel

Taiji families DQS 20210604

Every day is different. DQS 20210604

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Yangsuo (Guilin) Practical Method is set to debut at the local Elementary School on June 1st, 2021! This is a video of the students rehearsing for the public ceremony on June 1st.

Chen Zhonghua:
When I grew up in China in the 1960s, Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts including Taiji) was an everyday, every person activity, much like hockey for Canada and Baseball for the USA.
Unfortunately that was lost later on. Today, together with many other like-minded martial artists, I endeavor in putting the art back into the lives of people in China, starting with school children.

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June 1st is Children’s Day in China! Read more

Some of the Daqingshan Full time students hiked up Yongcuixia on May 30, 2021. This is a 6 km hike on Daqingshan. It is the most difficult hike. It traverses 5 mountains and most of the hike is steep. The narrow paths and steps are mostly overgrown with various vines in the summer and covered with snow in the winter.

This hike shows you the true “nature” of Daqingshan.

This is the Peacock sanctuarary in the Sabo Park in the main tourist area of Daqingshan. It is also the end of the Yongcuixia Hike, returning to the Taiji school.

This is the Peacock sanctuarary in the Sabo Park in the main tourist area of Daqingshan. It is also the end of the Yongcuixia Hike, returning to the Taiji school.

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More photos of Chen Xu’s Jimo Practical Method Seminar on May 30, 2021

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Daqingshan Taiji Competition on May 29, 2021. This is part of the 2021 Wulian (county) official sport meet event. The Daqingshan Taiji Academy was subcontracted to organize the Taiji forms and Push Hands portion of the event.

Here are some photos.

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Chen Xu Practical Method Seminar in Jimo, Shandong 20210529.

Huang Xuxiao asked Chen Xu for a private lesson, as the information got out, more and more people wanted to join. It became a workshop from May 29 to 30, 2021. Read more

I went to the park to train. It’s the end of the school year so schools have picnics. 5 girls approached me and wanted to learn…so I taught them the first posture. Two school officials approached me and inquired…I gave them my background. It’s a private school and the asked me to teach Taiji next school year. I continued to practice…between yilus a group of 15 kids approached me and wanted to learn….public training is good recruitment of students…

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Trying kick part of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds the Mortar with locking.

Turn as one piece

Trying first part of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds the Mortar with locking.

Training snapshot with some push hands.

Hubert (14yrs old) push hands session



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Stepping, White Crane Spreads Its Wings with locking, Heavy arm training

Flash the back (Shan Tong Bei)

Lazy fun with first part of Block Touching Coat, Don’t power up but only open.

Adjust and don’t move contact point (pivot) after lock.

36th Daqingshan Practical Method Seminar Photos

Day One Group Photo

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The Second Shanhaitian Taiji Competition was held at the Simart Center in Rizhao, Shandong Province on May 1, 2021. Rizhao Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy students participated at the event. Pang Chaoli and Leo Song organized our team in this event.

Here are some photos. Read more

Chen Ronghua is a disciple of Chen Zhonghua. He owns a Practical Metthod school in Yangshuo, Guangxi Province.

企业家陈荣华用智慧打造格格树民宿品牌被誉为阳朔最美风景 Gegeshu B&B brand created by Entrepreneur Chen Ronghua is known as the most beautiful scenery in Yangshuo

2021-04-26 10:11

桂林阳朔格格树饭店有限公司董事长陈荣华 Chen Ronghua, Chairman of Guilin Yangshuo Gegeshu Hotel Co., Ltd.

While touring in Yangshuo and enjoying the unparalleled landscape of Guilin, dining and staying in Gegeshu B&B is a must. There is a unique feature in Gegeshu B&B and Guilin landscape, that is the combination of Chinese and Western tourism, with which Mr. Chen Ronghua, the operator and well-known entrepreneur of Gegeshu B&B, has too many stories to tell.

格格树民宿如诗如画夜景 Picturesque night view of Gegeshu B&B

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North Mountain Park 20210101-1

New Year’s Day Tai Chi at North Mountain Park. Glad to see Jan Gould and Pocheng back to practice. They overcame their health problem and injuries from accident in 2020. A great day to start Tai Chi again. A promising year of 2021. Read more

五莲分会2020年终茶话会 - 1

On December 27, 2020, the Wulian Practical Method Federation (10 locations) held its Year-End Party and Meeting on Daqingshan. Read more


Our Wulian Practical Method team has been working with the Wulian Hospital of Chinese Medicine for over a year now. Today, the hospital and the Wulian Practical Method branch held an official opening ceremony, marking the establishment of Practical Method for all staff in the hospital.

Practical Method demonstration at the Wulian Hospital of Chinese medicine on 20201212 Read more


We raised 10,000 chickens in 2011. They are truly free-range. We had to look for their eggs in the hills.

We raised 10,000 chickens in 2011. They are truly free-range. We had to look for their eggs in the hills. 

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大青山推手训练2013 - 38

The Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy teaches Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method of GM Hong Junsheng and Hunyuan Taiji of GM Feng Zhiqiang. The Academy was original established in 2006 as Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center. In 2017 it was re-named Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy (DCTA). Read more

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Ma An Shan Workshop by Chen Xu and Han Rui on Nov. 14, 2020. Read more

Chen Ronghua, disciple of Chen Zhonghua, started teaching Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in local schools in Yangshuo, Guilin, China. These are some photos of him performing the Yilu form.



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Phoenix Morning Practical Method Practice Photos Nov. 7, 2020.Phoenix20201107-7 Read more

Practical Method introduction class for the Gutian Police Swat Team on November 6, 2020.  首届古田实用拳法讲座特警课合影20201106

Practical Method introduction class for the Gutian Police Swat Team on November 6, 2020.


Push Hands experience for students 20201128 Read more

龙湫峡15 - 04

Student Photos of The Dragon’s Abyss on Daqingshan in 2016. Read more

Conservation of Energy

Master Chen used this term in one of his lectures.  Here is my understanding:

In an ideal closed 2 energy system, Conservation of Energy means the total energy is the same while the magnitude of kinetic energy and potential energy can vary.

Mathematically,  total energy = kinetic energy + potential energy.
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On October 20th, 2020, during an online class Master Chen Zhonghua shared and demonstrated an important action of the knee that has not been disclosed before. Prior to discussing the important action, I shall discuss some important functional and structural aspects of the knee as a means of providing a context to help the reader conceptualize how this recently disclosed information is applied in practice and applications.

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In today’s class the following students received partial Yilu corrections.

  • Sergey Schepin
  • Chris Martinez
  • Felicia Fong
  • Josh Landau
  • Jack Scott

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Master Chen Foundations Lesson Notes, 20 Oct 2020

Squeezing with the elbows

搓 (cuō) rub Read more

In today’s class, the following students received Foundation corrections while the class had the benefit of watching.

  • Sven Gusowski – Fetch Water
  • Raymond Dickey – Six Sealing Four Closing
  • Tomasz Raganowicz – Six Sealing Four Closing
  • Fung Chern Hwei – Positive Circle

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