Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 19th Aug 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/21

A good question is alreday the answer. A bad question is unrelated.
Question: how to fight a big guy without using muscles?
Don’t use muscles. The problem is you don’t know how to. need to fight, cannot use muscles,3.there is sth you can use but you don’t know yet.
Use your bones, the structure. The structure is naturally born but we don’t know how to use it specificly. The way you arrange your bones, alignment, like stacking bricks. Connect the bones in proper way is alignment. Impale. Initial closing:1.pull in with the elbow, the body does not move, like hitting a wall;2.the knee is up and does not moving waiting for his crotch;3. he stops and use the kick. Create speed by pulling and the chest/knee/foot does not move. The chest can move in as one piece without changing the structure. Going in is getting rid of space-speed-power(speed+mass). We need to translate the theory to reality. Master used six sealing four closing to show: first level is physical, second level is speed differential. 1. in with the elbow and the knee to the crotch; with the elbow and hit the neck with seven inch knife; 3. elbow hit your own kua and that is finished. In is out. Circle completed. The elbow has a bigger speed than the hand. And the forearm is waiting for the opponent there like a stick will poke through the throat. Whiplash. The finish structure is strong, elbow supported by the ribs, forearm is a stick. Triangle support, stable, and your opponent moving into sth is not moving. Quck jerking moves, In the end fighting is a circle in the same line. A stick, come in from the bottom, go out from the top. Straight punch with yin yang differencial. One punch with two different directions. When you push, there is a inward pull; when you pull towards yourself, you hit the ribs and bounch back. To withdraw is to issue. Speed works with bones, and soft muscles reduce power. In the thin line, the hand changes directoins/flip. Body turns around inside a tube. Sharp. Only when you feel a crash, means you are solid. Straight forward-twist a bit-it goes back. Streamlined, pisten. Six sealing four closing, when train fajin, crash on the kua-feel whiplash on neck-felt on kua and neck-make the neck stiff and rotate to desolve the crash-goes to the head-sink qi to dantian, baihui and huiyin alignment-felt back to dantian-precision-charged. Circulation, this is that. When it is on one point, it is on the other. Elbow is hand, baihui is huiyin/dantian. The feeling of unknown, alignment does miracles.

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Jojo Juarsa August 26, 2021 at 9:56 pm

Thanks Yuxin for the great notes.
Waiting eagerly for the release of this video soon….


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