Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 30th July 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/02

Train fajin, don’t care about the forms. Focus, purpose. Follow instructions and hold onto it, forget about everything else. The focus point must be so obvious can be seen by others.
If the shoulders are too big, the elbow will not come out. If the kua goes down with the moves, there is no separation. If you move, there must be sth not move; if you move, sth moves to the opposite.

Pose to find the straight line. Movements need create an imaginary line, and the line need become stiff. Only straight stick has power. Real internal power is in the straight line. Strong and sharp are mutual. The stick is vulnerable on the side. The straight line has to be so fast in time that people cannot see it. Punch covering hand, go 99% straight-total straight-immediately relax. 2 dots forming a line is easy to say but extremely hard to find in the body. Master Chen’s punch cannot be caught in camera(the second it becomes straight). Like cracking a whip, it breaks the speed of sound, goes straight in a spit of second. Professional. It is OK not to be seen, it is OK not to show, it is not OK to not have it.
No punch, no movements, no muscles, only manipulations. Do what you are instructed to do, train the eyes to see, to see is to understand. Use the third party to produce power, the raw material to produce. One grain of qi, produce sth not normal/direct. Punch covering hand downward, fist need stretch from the rear shoulder and the head. The structure power has nothing to do with you. Bones are created by god, you are not moving the bones, only line up(through the joints). Structure is there. Like the structure of the crane does not move, move the cables. The manipulation: slide-lock-roate, hit-turn-go to the other side.
Sink the waist to press the elbow. Lock the elbow and stretch the forearm, the shoulders go slightly to the opposite direction of the fists to balance. The bicep is like the shin, it is like a stake. Like the back fist in White ape presents the fruit. Rubber band, the threshold/49-51, shaking, last part to go to the other side. Muscles only bring you to the edge of the moves. Push the book on the table to the edge, different dimension, only fall down. There is rubber band holding the book as resistance, push it, fight it, use stretch, to the edge. Table-resistance/steady fighting-not steady/cooperating fighting, find a better position, trick. Step by step, follow the procedure, go through the training. Power-lock-push to the other side, the real threshold/changes is not theoretical, you don’t need to go to 100% in reality, you train for 100%. Go back to basic structure, theory. Place the bone structure strong, slide/go over, grind the joints. Cup on the table, push the table, do not pick up the cup. Structure: feet-dantian-head in position-lock, shoulders-kua in position-lock, bicep in position-lock and stretch the forearm.

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