Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 16th June 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/06/19

Exercise: hold a ball in space, not moving, and move the rest part of the body freely.

Bie别. Connection. Inefficient lever. Weight level and difficult level (structure firm and secured). Two sets, upper body scale and lower body scale. Power do not go out of the square, zig zag going forward. Bie is power transmission from rear foot through front hand to the furthest part of the opponent. Use lever force the energy from this side to the other side. Front hand is the contacting point, elbows line up with the hands, use the back hand as counter weight. Lower body, front kua as pivot, dantian as counter weight. The move after second flash the back. 3 vertical lines, insubstantial center. A rock and a stick, get in, apply power, lock the rock/pivot. Place everything in place to feel the power that stops you. You don’t have enough power, 1. longer bar; 2. get 3 guys to do it with you. Go over. One thing left to overcome your opponent. Examples: BWAPM, tile hand, elbow. Block touching coat. Use the shoulders and kua to turn your opponent upside down. Six sealing four closing. Front knee locks with pulling in with the elbow. Front knee locks with hands out.

My correction. My hands still move a little. Hands are off. Not 100% power transmission. Bottom bigger. Hands are like the little sandbag hanging from the bar, a little movement will cause it to sway, not like the two feet stable on the ground. Control hands indirectly. Only when it is connected, the movements are meaningful. Outside is still too loose.

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