Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 19th May 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/05/20

Torso upright. We tend to lean forward in the forms. White crane spreads its wings, brush the knee, initial closing. We can only lean back, not forward or sideways.

Six sealing four closing. Before the stepping, no movements, only rotate, two gears from the front shoulder-kua axis.

Ground dragon. Put the R hand, shoulder, head and knee onto a wall, push kua to the wall, stick to the wall as one piece, L foot propels the body back.

Step up to ride the whale. Lock the L kua, spin/twist the R kua to step up, tear the kua apart.

Step back to tam the tiger. Magnet. Flip the hands, stretch between the hands and the back center. Two extremes repel against from each other. Then suck towards/into each other (hand and center of chest).

To twist(别). Stiff-lock/resistance-break it-rounded/smooth. 1.A stick, sb is holding the inside, you hold onto the ends to crack it, like a T bar. 2.A stick, sb is holding the two ends, you hold the inside to crack it, like a propeller. To have substance. Examples: The two hands in six sealing four closing, the two kuas in fist draping over body, the chest and kua in single whip. Two dots have relationship as a stick(对上), stick to the line, only use small movements to crack it.

The difference between Taiji push hands and other types of martial arts. Taiji is closed range, no let go and break it. Nothing hands off, always hands on. Stick to it, internal not detective movements, creating the same size as external style (like a punch in boxing). Contradiction, open and twist. Shuffling feet, do the strike without feet leaving the floor. Step back and whirl the arms. Two types of resistance: 1. stick, twist sideways/horizontally; 2. rubber band, twist vertically. To go over the border. Block touching coat, arms open, there is resistance, use dantian to break it. Training process: use a dry thin branch-a stick-break energy flow to force the body fall apart, interrupt meridians. Flash the back, on the turn, use two kuas to twist. Second closing, half twist. Learn to twist yourself, your opponent follows your twist, when you untwist yourself, your opponent cannot unravel. Advanced crab trap. A bird flies into a window cannot fly out. Spiral trap for birds.

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