Online Lesson with Master Chen 31st March 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/04/01

We always try different things in the same position. We need to change the position.

Sth has to come out-kua, sth has to disappear-shoulder. It is a pair. When we do moves, kua is always left behind.

Shoulder and hand need to be fixed, to move the elbow. We have too much shoulder and hand movements and the elbow is never engaged. When the elbow cannot come out, the hand and shoulder are squeezing the elbow into a dead corner. The elbow has to push the hand and shoulder apart. We need to realign things. Practical Method way of being smooth is proportional.

In positive circle, kua complete a twist. Within a circle, create front back, inside outside, left and right. Switch over to the other side without moving (with a fixed point). It is a knot, incoming weight goes to the other side, energy goes through, untie the knot, like there is a door in the wall. When the hand and shoulder are totally locked, the elbow can switch/go over. The two bones in the forearm have to rub.
kua switching

Sword. If the shoulder and elbow is so locked up, we have to use the hand and wrist. The sword need be bond to the forearm (as one piece), and we use the body to move the sword.

Turn left to pound the mortar. Weld the body to link the body permanently. On the turn, the arms open, lock the arms and torso shape, use the L kua, push into L heel to turn. Watch where master separate the body.

Six sealing four closing. One part in position, lock, open/stretch another spot. Whenever you have power, there is a lock. Like walking. We are on and off with different configurations.

Step up to punch covering hand. Arms and torso lock in position, only rotate the kua, stretch the L kua. Whole body strike(靠), distance created in straight line without turning.

Block touching coat. Every move has a pivot (non-moving dot). 1. push R foot, stretch R kua to cross hands. 2. dantian engaged (揪), elbows resting/sitting on dantian. 3.dantian does not move as open the arms. 4. sit on L leg to shovel out.

Single whip. Small change palms 3 times. The waist turns to open the elbows.

BWAPM. Last move, the kua has to come out without knee moving forward, kua is supporting elbow. Turn the inside out.

Open triangle model is not real. In reality it is the credit cards model.

Kua position. The two kuas are not even/parallel. It is double heavy. Front kua is locked by the back kua. Not on the edge. The switch looks mobile but creates a lock from another angle. Our body parts are even, but we want to avoid it by changing the perspective, to create a function. Two equal length, one becomes 1/3. Add another depth, create support. 1/3 strong, 2/3 supporting it. The corner is still 90 degrees. Visually it looks the same.
kua position

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