Online Lesson with Master Chen 10th March 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/03/11

Walking obliquely on both sides. Make sure the R elbow is locked into a triangle shape with the body and only rotate from the torso.

Knees do not follow. Fist draping over body (both knees), lean with the back (L knee). The power in the knees is poking into the ground.

Not playing but doing. Train with resistance, like having an opponent. Block touching coat, 4th move, in with elbow, cannot collapse in, there is weight on the R arm. Hydraulic release. Train as if you are always working with weight, pressing down or coming at you. The forearm/outside is strong and there is a pump in the upper arm, like a spring can recoil back. When withdraw or go down, it does not collapse. Five points (head, hands and feet) fight outwards like a trampoline. These points cannot go inward towards dantian. The joints can withdraw. In this way, when the elbow squeezes in, the hand goes out. To withdraw is to issue. These two moves are trained to be one. The body is installed with spring.

Once have leant the forms, enlarge the movements by stretching the joints. Increase the exercise of kua. Our exercise is the only one specifically for the hips. Limbs do not move, rotate from the kua. In advanced level, the upper body is only navigating, you do the entire form from dantian. Dantian moves are so large that it powers me (the whole body). It appears to be normal human moves, but internally it is the opposite from what people see, it is sth different. Do taiji in your daily life, find a way to train more. Master used dantian to power/activate the body to write on the blackboard when he was at school. Train moving steps as he walked in the hallway. Hold onto one end of a bamboo snake and manipulate to change the head directions. In push hands, the body becomes more sensitive to direction changes. Poke soft sword into the tree, finding stillness in motion (抖).

Positive circle. Come in from the bottom, go out from the top. Use a stick 45 degree as a demarcation. When the elbow comes in, the upper part of the forearm is rubbing the stick; when out with hand, the under part of the forearm is rubbing.

Ratio/proportion of rotational moves. Central rod (baihui-huiyin) 0, shoulder 5, elbow 15-30, hand 100. Hold one end of a stick, rotate on that dot, and you’ll see different sizes of moves along the stick.

High pat on horse. Kua moving vertically converts to horizontal moves. Lock the knees and kua crack the inside, like the whole body is caught. A stick with middle locked in two dots, hold the two ends to crack hard, breaking the stick. Break the resistance. Lock one thigh, stretch the other. Like riding a bike, make the swing go over, that is the engine of taiji. You have to punch through the target. Use brute force to overcome the threshold in body and mind. So there are no more knots in the body. No seized or locked joints. The body is cracked open. Like how you unblock a pipe.

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