Online Lesson with Master Chen 24th, March 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/03/25

Six sealing four closing practice.

Lock the triangle of front shoulder, back shoulder and elbow, stretch front hand and back shoulder coming into the line. Front shoulder need come down and armpit need to open so the energy does not leak out.

Dynamic and static energy. The proportion of the movements of elbow shoulder kua. Kua 3, shoulder 2, hand 1, the power is compressed, the body is like a compressed spring, the body is charged. Body is like a big rock and there is a little thing inside. When this thing becomes 2 from 1, everything outside has to move. It starts from one grain of rice, one litter spark inside dantian. That little bit split causes the movements. The arms do not make the moves, it is the kua/knee joints make the arms move. Move from the inside and connect the body. It looks the same from the outside. But it is the inside causes the outside to expand. Power generation and transmission. Every move from shoulder to elbow, shoulder pushes down and elbow is locked on a table. Armpit opens and hand shoots out forward. Elbow is rubbed into the hand, it is physically pushed/squeezed into the hand(45 degree). If you let the hand follow the line, the hand will go up, curve down so the shape starts to come back. S line. The same curve to bring back down otherwise it still leaks out. Whenever you get stuck, you can only grind your joints (crack it open). For everything to work, it has to be 100%.

After finishing every form, the body sink, otherwise it becomes equal and normal. Single form practice. Find tuning. Focus but also come out of the focus to have a landscape view.

Physical body and energy separation.

Line and curvature. Energy and action. Rotational action causes pure energy thrown out into straight line, like the rotating grinder sharpen the knife.

Between the front hand and back shoulder, there is a reserved curve. Too much is over extension. We lose power and control from the dantian. Too little is deficiency, it is stifled like wearing a strip jacket.

Central axis. Straight line is maintained, like a revolving door.

We want the body to be stiff. And through proper rotation, it becomes not stiff. Not overall flexible or soft body. Like the gears with iron disks. Body has strong chunks do not move and the joints dissolve it.

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