Online Lesson with Kelvin Ho 1st Feb, 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/02/02

Lean with back. Turn to the left, stretch the R armpit and R elbow. Keeping that stretch, R elbow does not come close to the body, but draw a circle outwards, R fist is locked to the temple/forehead. Turn and create the stretch from R elbow to L toes, straight line. 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock is the longest line. It is easy to over turn here, losing the line of stretch. (center of the body feels expanding). Pivot on L toes, turn L heel out, without dropping L knee. R kua does not fold or close, it is open, twisted and stretched. Look towards L toes.

Punch covering hand downwards. R fist locked, rotate the R arm as one structure by moving the elbow, creating stretch at the back, then turn the waist to face to the front, R forearm is about vertical in front of the body. In with the R elbow, lock the R forearm, fold the body onto the forearm, wrap R elbow from inside with L hand, hand keeps touching the elbow. Place R fist half way about 45 degree in position, grind elbow shoulder kua into the punch. Armpit is open, sink the chest. R fist line up with L foot. Both forearms line up. Negative circle in with R elbow, double downward press to open arms, double negative circle in with both elbows, R hand by R ear, L hand 45 degree downward, place the fist, lock R arm triangle shape, elbow stays bent, tip of the elbow is not facing the body but away, use shoulder and kua to squeeze. Here the R arm is easy to move and the R elbow tends to straighten.

Joints/kua open. Linear open or spiral/twisting open.

Know which part we need to stop and lock the outside, then stretch the inside. Once we have the stretch, maintain it and add more stretch from other parts.

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