Online Lesson with Master Chen 3rd March 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/03/04

-Pole shaking. Circles. Hand do not come back/reverse. At the beginning when done right, the move is small. Through training, we increase the range. The move overall is synthesized, but each part/move is individual. Arm has no up and down movement. (Arm is in and out). Do the circle horizontally, and the shoulder will get caught, which will be exercised. (tie a knot, then untie). Elbows come in, lock the upper body, bend the knees to go down, then hands go out. Add stepping to increase the range. Later on the moves will merge, and people see the circles. The overall effect is an illusion.

-Redefine internal martial art. It is complex. 3 moves to 1 punch. Like the symphony, everyone has their part to play, the music never stops. We individualize the moves. Block touching coat, count 4, three things happen at the same time independently. Front leg shovel out, both elbows in, torso goes down.

-Train from normal to big moves then small moves. Master will tell you when you can go small. You gain the quality, something very unique.

-Elbows do not move upwards, does not mean elbows cannot face up. (Change palms three times)

-Front knee position. Front foot is open, front knee is inward lock. And it is locked in the same position while doing movements. The ankle and knee are both locked, the power is locked in, the shin has a small range of rotation/movement. Opening is to find sth to lock, to start with, like pulling the bow.

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