Online Lesson with Master Chen 17th Feb 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/02/18

Key words: horizontal and vertical, zig zag

– Block touching coat.

Elbow position. Elbow is too high/out. Moving horizontally is because you are double heavy, is because there is no yin yang separation. Moves only led by fingers are not horizontal. Arms go length wise. The horizontal move has to be a result of the vertical move. All the moves must go over. By pass, go over, curve (no confrontation). The core is always the same, so we do not deviate and we make progress.

A method of learning: 就是/it is/is/that is/this is that/equal to. The principle is no horizontal movements. Find a method that is. 1. something that is similar, you get closer and closer, in the end, it is. 2. something that is opposite. Apple and a pancake made of apple.

Power/energy position in ‘in with elbow’. At the beginning it is on the bottom, when finish, it is on the top. Power can be placed in three positions: top (the inner blade goes upwards), bottom (the outer blade goes downwards) and the inside (through a tube). Or can say it is the front, back and middle; or the left, right and middle. The arm opening in Block Touching Coat, the power is changing position all the time. Top of the wrist – (in with elbow to get hand in the front) on 7inch knife – self rotation of the forearm (when there is a rotation, the power is inside.) – fingers – armpit. We do segmented moves, there is no circle, we follow the sequence, and the trace left is a circle.

The zig zag. 2 straight directions appear to be a curve, straight and up. We match with the resistance. When there is horizontal resistance, we move vertically; when there is vertical resistance, we move horizontally. We are in a different dimension as the opponent. This way we are invading space. Like moving inside a solid square as in an open space (did not catch the words, might be wrong). The reality is 3 dimensions, but there is only 1 dimension, it is static. Taiji is designed you are always in between. When push hands with Hong, it feels like he is never there, he is adjusting all the time. When it is zig zag, it is indirect.

-The in and out moves are very clear. Master showed double downward press and then in with elbow. We do not do the image. We are not doing what it looks like we are doing.

-Turning flower at the bottom of the sea. It is an inward move. The body is centered in dantian. Elbows, kua and knees should come inwards. The chest can turn together or after, but the center is a stick and cannot fall apart.

-Sequence/progress of learning. Random moves – regulated – start to move – draw circles – turn – rotate (movements without moving, no change of direction/space, unless mark a point of reference). Step back and double shake feet. Do not turn the torso, torque. Rotational moves are not detectable. Art can catch the spirit, technicality is detailed/specific.

-Ground dragon. First move is led by R hand from the bottom, second move is led by R shoulder from the top. It is a circle.

-Master showed the nerd walk. Lock the torso (shoulder and kua) like a piece of board, only move arms and legs, like an octopus.

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mazzaroth February 18, 2021 at 7:17 am

Thanks for the summary


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