Online Lesson with Master Chen 6th Jan 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/06

– To train the elbow. Lock the shoulder and hand completely, better to ask someone else to hold it, only move the elbow. The movement is very small, like the door hinge. The movement of the elbow is the same as the knee.

– To change the direction of the fingers, we lock the wrist and the hand, move the elbow and the rest part of the body. Once the body is well trained, the movements can be much bigger.

– The feet do not land and lift together. In Practical Method the feet are switching. Step back to double shake feet. With the R foot off the ground, pump with the L foot, land with L foot first then R foot, the count is one two.

– White ape presents the fruit. The finishing move is on 45 degree. Then it is a hop on 180 degree. Arms are 45 degree and the body steps to the side. It is a vector. Master Chen used two sticks to form a 90 degree corner and a triangle shape. In the body the lines of the triangle is in different dimension. (it is also formed sequentially?) The triangle needs to be locked in shape then you will be able to put the opponent into the corner. Like the snow plow, the cart goes forward and the snow is blown out to the side.

– Ground dragon. Dragon is snake. All the joints and torso need to open to twist. Crack open from the inside.

– Second step back and whirl the arms. When the arms are open, imagine you are hitting something with the hands, must have the shape of firmness.

– Second flash the back, in with elbow, do it like the elbow is going through the stomach, go deeper.

– Turn to double lotus kick. On the turn, lock the R shoulder-kua line, rotate without moving this line. Turn without shifting place.

– Train the rounded back. Open the arms like holding a ball in front of the chest, arch the back, then draw the elbows in. The shape is like two circles cutting half of one circle off.
round back


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