Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson 3rd Mar 2021 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2021/03/04

– Today we worked on Pole Shaking (Positive and Negative Circle).

– When Kelvin demonstrated today I saw the movement of the rear shoulder, chest, back and torso relating to the rear hand. The rear elbow is always stretched out. When out with hand, the shoulder and chest squeeze the hand out.

– Master used a stick and rubber to demonstrate two different action of the front hand. Stick is one piece. The head of the stick cannot reverse itself. It does not point towards you. This is a unique characteristic of Practical Method.

– (1)Hand does not point towards you.  (2) Increase the range of the motion of the shoulder. (3) Torso moves up and down. We have to find a way to follow the instruction physically. One method shown was to place the two feet together and step out in order to allow the torso to go up and down as much as possible. Overall these three independent moves combined this causes the visual effect of the hands doing a circle.

– Each move is individual. For example, the horizontal move and vertical move cannot merge. They are independent but done simultaneously. This creates a visual effect.

– Internal martial arts. Three simultaneous independent moves to aimed at one purpose. This is very difficult to achieve on the body.  Master gave a music analogy of the Western orchestra. The people stop and start, the music continues.

– Block Touching Coat number four. Elbow in, heel out, torso down. The rhythm is very difficult.

– In the beginning our learning we should not look normal. Increase the size and stretch to make your moves larger than your normal habit. Uniqueness is the special quality. We focus on angles, stretching in and out, rhythm.

– Change Palm Three Times. The elbow does not make an upward move. It does not mean it cannot point up.

-The elbow is never straight. It may appear to be due to the angle. For example 170 degrees.

– Grandmaster Hong’s knee cannot be replicated. Look at Hong’s photos.

– The angle of the knee and foot are offset. The twist is in between. Master said he himself went through three stages – Shoulder / Kua / Knee. That it would seem no matter what was done, you would believe that there are physical differences stopping you from reaching the requirement. In fact it was a matter of training. He passed throught the first two. Today the knee is still leaking out sometimes. If your knees are not controlled, your kua cannot be opened.

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