Online Lesson with Master Chen 17th March, 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/03/17

Vertical transfer to horizontal. Like tree structure, branches are horizontal, trunk and roots are vertical, roots always try to do down.

Three iron hats keep weighing you down. Head neck level, waist level, knee level.

Up and down. Comments from Master for Steve’s fetch water. There is up and down(rotation/opening/stretching) but not up and down(bending/folding). Like a unipod, go out and come back, stretch along the line to become longer. Extension coming from the inside, not bending. Caterpillar.

Train with restriction, break through, train with restriction, break through.

Half horse stance. Close and lock the back foot, front foot opens, it is an indented half pipe. Back knee is straight forward, like there is a wall behind you. Whatever you cannot do, is sth make you improve. Watch Hong’s foot and knee position. Cannot do is because kua is not open. When kua is open, whatever happens in the bottom is natural. When kua is open, it releases the bottom. The bottom is like the post on the floor, roots of the tree.

Lever. 1. pivot in the middle to neutralize. 2. pivot on one end, wreck/slam sb with a stick. BWAPM, L shoulder does not move. L kua does not move and pivot on the kua. One does not move as a pivot, only rotates. Shift from one kua/end to the center, like a car shifting gear without stopping.

My correction. In positive circle, on the second count, totally lock the back shoulder, only rotate front shoulder and kua as much as possible.

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