Yilu Online Class Master Chen 28th, Oct – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/10/28

Cross hand
First only open the hands without any other movements. Then push the shoulders to open/propel the arms.

Fist draping over body
Rotation driven by the kua. More kua.

Step up to double push hands
When turning to the left, rotate on L shoulder-kua to bring the right foot forward.

Brush the knee
Different body parts need to go over as you rotate.

Flash the back
1. First in with elbow, elbow need to go over the line by rotating the R shoulder and kua. Hand is grabbing the opponent’s wrist.
2. Every turn, the elbow need to go over a line/dot to the other side.
3. After stepping the R foot behind, before the turn, establish a rod on the L elbow and kua. We use the lever to throw.

Step up to punch covering hand
The punch is a tear between the hands and then driven by the kua. It is like tearing the fabric, after the punch both arms open is because all of a sudden the fabric breaks.

System of the training is 3.
1. Learn and practice. Normal.
2. Get corrected. Break up the moves. Train with a focus so no body parts(armpits and kua) are left behind.
3. Come back to normal but you are different.

后发制人 hou fa zhi ren
Rear issue control people. Taiji is a rear-handed martial art. The front is only getting ready. The fire is at the back. Like the bow and arrow, slingshot.

Going over
Going over a peak, a dot or a line. Going over the demarcation. The demarcation can not move.

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Phipps October 29, 2020 at 7:28 am

System of the training is 3.

1. You are taught, and practice normally.
2. You get corrections, break the moves and do exaggerated motions with concern only for the corrected part. (In this example, emphasized large kua movements.) At this point you will look like a beginner again because the movements will seem awkward.
3. Return to normal training but the body will be different (a result of the breaking apart with emphasis.)


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