Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 28 Oct 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/28

In today’s class, the following students received partial Yilu corrections. The focus of the class was going over.

  • Louis Sacharske
  • Tomek Raganowicz
  • Kerstin Frotscher-Kummle
  • Kevin Chen
  • Travis Knaub
  • Yuxin Liu
  • Paul Pryce

Louis Sacharske

  • Flash the Back. Master showed how to rotate on a rod on the L shoulder to L kua line. How to go over. Rear R foot goes out to propel the L hand.
  • Punch. It is to tear a piece of cloth (or hard object like cardboard). The action is to tear. Get stuck. Hard, then release. Master showed how to add the kua into the action.

Tomek Raganowicz

  • Cross Hands. Use shoulders to push the hands open. Vertical squeeze downwards.

Kerstin Frotscher-Kummle

  • When turning left to Step Up to Push with Two Hands, rotate to step up.

Kevin Chen

  • Embrace the Head to Push Mountain – make the stance larger.
  • Difficult to see if the body has integrity due to the slow frames of video speed.

Travis Knaub

  • Brush the Knee. L shoulder has to turn over. R shoulder also turns over. Master showed going over using a rod blocking the side of the shoulder.
  • When you rotate, every notch you make you are going over.
  • The form should be done in a way we do not require horizontal space.
  • First Flash the Back, the first over point is the elbow. Master demonstrated the left and right elbow going over many times in this move.
  • We have to use different parts of the body to experience going over.
  • Master’s shoulder can do 360 degrees (going over).

Edward Liaw

  • Brush the Knee. Master showed the three lines and three going over. (1)R elbow (2) L elbow (3)R elbow
  • Punch is too high. Aim at the opponents ribs.
  • Single Whip. Make the stance wider until your knees cannot go outside.

Yuxin Liu

  • Fist Draping Over Body. The rotation will come from the kua. Don’t rotate your upper body.
  • This is a learning method. Find a method to point your movements to the right place.
  • Flash the Back. The action is on the hand to grab the wrist. It goes to the other side of the stick.

Paul Pryce

  • Exaggerate the kua.

Method of Training

  • This system of training is called 3/3/3.
  • (1) You are taught, and train by yourself.
  • (2) Then be corrected. (Break you up. Focus on the untouched corners)
  • (3) Then go back to original (Regulated, Normal). But you are not the same.
  • This is called training with a focus. To take apart a machine and clean and lubricate the joints.

Rear Ended Control

  • In Six Sealing Four Closing, we use the rear to propel the front.
  • Taiji is a rear ended fighting method. Example: bow, slingshot. Hou fa zhi ren (后发制人). Rear issue control people. The method of fighting is rear ended control. There is a mistake in the understanding of this phrase as first charater is synonymous with the indication of position (back) versus time (later). The correct identification is with position (front and back), not time (first and later).


– Master made comments on the level of improvment of online class participants compared to his experience of teaching workshops.

– The time of the classes will change next week due to daylight savings in Canada.

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