Online Foundation Class with Master Chen 26th, Oct-Yuixn Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/10/26

Learning Taiji is like climbing the stairs. The teacher has to grind hard on you until you see the first step and put your foot on it. Whatever is correct has to be driven into you.

More kua movements and find the 3 solids.
1. Front hand, normally shoulder level
2. Back foot, knee level, can rise up to kua
3. Normally is the kua.
The first two solids create a line A-B. The third solid need to stretch to C, not on A-B line but on its own axis, to create a triangle, a 3D structure.

Size of the movements
At the beginning we need to train so big that you are falling down. So the moves become full and dense. It is a developmental stage we can not skip.

Arms crossing
Cross in distance to lock the opponent’s body. The crossing is the catch, generating pivoting point. It is also called to adhere(着zhuo) or to bite. It is a spiral movement(a circle with an extension). Master showed six sealing four closing and also the first move of the first form in Yilu, between the two hands is a catch/cross.

Twisting the towel
First find movements, then put restrictions. So something is trapped. That trapped energy goes up and down.
The thrust goes out from the hand, which is horizontal, the power is vertical in the core. In Chinese it is called 留一点(liu yi dian)to leave a little bit.

Master used a stick to show what is random moves and what is a move with pivoting point, to have relationship with the two ends. Master showed six sealing four closing with switching pivoting points, from the wrist to elbow, to front shoulder, to front kua then to back kua.

The restriction here is to lock the right knee and create stretch from the right knee to the right kua, then to Dantian, to the left chest, to the left shoulder. The stretch is proportional and they match with each other. There is no added moves.
A good stretch will cause the chest to indent.

Stretch and Rotation
Stretching the inside and restricting the outside will cause rotation. Split one dot to two and to be full.
Like you put a balloon in a cube, and keep blowing air into the balloon. If you change the cube to a ball, and the contact surface between the ball and the balloon is greased, when the space is fully occupied, one more blow can cause the balloon to rotate.
When it is stretched full, add one more fraction, there is nowhere else to do, it has to rotate. Without stretch, it is not full, then there is no peng, then you will wobble.
Stretch can cause rotation. And rotation can cause stretch. We need to be able to do both.

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