Master Chen Zhonghua’s Online Foundation Lesson Oct 19, 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/10/19

Find one point does not move to create the stretch.
In learning we have to find one thing as an anchor point. Repeat and exhaust yourself until you can move to the next anchor point.

Sven-Fetch Water
Front hand and back shoulder is the bar.
Front elbow and the back foot is the rod.
That is a T.
The rod is not strong enough so the bar is not stable. It is wobbling.

The curvature of the bar decide the size of the circle. It need to be curved but not too much. If curved too much, the hand will be swaying. If not curved ??

Raymond-Six Sealing Four Closing
Follow the line and tear the two hands. Method is to use a stick as reference.
Level 1-Find and follow the line. Hands and elbows are both on the line.
Level2-Hands go 50/50. Proportional. Eventually don’t have to be 50/50, can be 60/40, 70/30 etc.

Tomek-Six Sealing Four Closing
Whatever position you start with is fine. You look for the line, look for the stretch.
Back elbow position:stretch the shoulder to stay on the line.

To sink, is in the end, you move something else. Master showed, without moving the hands and head, how to sink the shoulders, chest and Dantian. It is the adjustment to be in a sunk position.

Feng-Positive Circle
3rd step to go over, hold the armpit not moving.
Six Sealing Four Closing-front hand stops, back hand go over the peak, that is a circle.
Same as something has to be left behind. That is the separation of Yin and Yang.

Master showed how to go upstairs with the rotation to the kua, without effort or carrying the weight.

Negative Circle
Arm circle and torso rotation need to match.
First move, rotation of the front vertical axis pulled in the hand. Hand does not move. Master showed the sequence of pulling up the rope.

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