Yilu Correction Master Chen’s Online Class 21st, Oct-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/10/21

Separation of Yin and Yang. Separate to 2 things. Yin and Yang is a relationship.
Three types to relationship:
1. Not related. A watermelon cut into two halves.
2. Positively related.
3. Negatively related. When the door is closed, it is part of the wall. When the door is open, it is separated but related.

After finishing Fist Covering Hand Downwards, the in with elbow needs to be clear. Same as Brush the Knee how the right elbow came in.

Movements need to be clear and there is nothing smooth. Don’t copy the smoothness, copy Taiji moves. Have the count in head.

Distinguish between rotation and drawing circles.
The moves are from the rotation of the joints. There is no horizontal movement. It’s all linear and vertical.

High Pad on Horse. Rotation of the kuas and the elbows.

Rub the Foot is from the rotation of the waist. It is to suck, two sides move in towards each other like the fulcrum. Only one side moving to the other is called to stick.

Change the mechanism of body movements, the ligaments and tendons will get thicker and stronger.

Punch Hitting the Ground. It is almost a vertical punch targeting the foot arch. Kuas rotate inside a cylinder.

Lotus Kick. The kick is from the rotation of the kua, like a whip.

Three requirements of the moves:
1. Clear movements. Like a slide show, not a movie. Move frame by frame.
2. Strong rotation
3. Larger movement

To achieve, train the kua. When the kua is open, you have the source of power. That is the core energy.

When we look at ourselves, ask two questions. How to rotate? Is this a rotation?
We can not achieve rotation, but we go towards it.
Everything we do is a stretch. Multiple stretches with fixed points lead to rotation. Circles are series of stretches. Stretch is not changing directions.
Master Chen showed the three stretches in positive circle.
Three fixed points:
1. A dot on the wall where the mid finger is pointing
2. A dot behind the front kua
3. A dot on the back foot
The 9-count circle is 9 body parts moving in 9 dimensions (9 planes/non parallel surfaces), which create a illusion of 3D movement/circle/ball.

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