Yilu Class Notes October 21, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/10/21


  • Using Westernized vocabulary for taiji concepts.
  • No difference. Even if you don’t know any language. Some students found they learned more when turning off the sound. The language is an interference until the language is recalibrated. Same thing applies when teaching in Chinese.


  • Can be one but behave as though they are two. The two are not unrelated, the relationship is the yin/yang – taiji.
  • There are 3 states:
  1. Used to be one but now they are not related (cut off).
  2. Positively related.
  3. Or negatively related.
  • The hole in the wall that is changed to a door. When you close the door, it acts like the missing part of the wall. The relationship is created by the door hinge.


Punch covering hand downwards

  • The hand needs to come back with only elbow and turning the waist.

Count it out

  • Count out the yilu as you do it.


Rotate the torso

  • Don’t draw out the circle, rotate. Rotate the torso. Like rubbing a stick (exercise from yesterday).
  • Moves are always linear, on the rod. No change of position, on the same spot.

Rotate elbows and kuas

  • Stress on the two kuas and two elbows. The move is an illusion, only those 4 points rotate. Never turn the car, only rotate the four wheels.

Rub foot

  • Fold the waist like a door hinge. The action is called to suck: two flanges coming together. To stick is where one flange is stationary.

Mechanism: tendons like rubber cord

  • Armpit and thigh tendons and ligaments are very strong. Like 6 rubber cords in his armpit. Need to change the body until you can do it. Until you change the mechanism, you can’t do it.

Turn over and double kick

  • Rotation on the waist, does not move position, switches in place.
  • Too many movements.

Fist protecting heart

  • Waist does not move, drives elbows to bring hands up.

Tornado kick

  • Swing from the kua, the foot is like a whip.


Rotate the torso

  • Rotations are not rotating. Need to learn to rotate the torso.

Too small

  • Because of the space, the movements are too small. And you went too fast.


  • Make a move. Stop. So the teacher can look at it.
  • Clear is a slideshow, not a moving picture. Seven postures, put them together like a slideshow. Don’t connect everything.


  • Scale of 1 to 10. Same advice for Chris and Felicia, but Chris is on 5-6 clarity, 3 rotation, 6 size. Felicia’s lowest is size. Change from not tossing to rotating. Before getting the skill, tossing is better in a real fight than rotating because it covers distance (not that we should toss). Josh is further in all aspects but no rotation.

Train the kua

  • Train the kua to open, to be able to rotate. Such that you can hold yourself together when standing on one foot and arms stretched out.


Brush knee

  • Hand cannot come back.

Record yourself

  • Advise your students – as soon as you know the choreography, record it. So you can understand the stages of your development. Helps you make larger more rapid improvements.


Not yet boiling

  • You may think you are better than the person getting corrected, but the same advice applies to you.
  • Boiling water theory: When you are boiling, you are different, otherwise you are just warming up. From the perspective of the end result, you are no different.

How to rotate

  • Best method look at yourself as a physical object and anchor your feet, bound the waist. Have to be like a machine, no human movements allowed. Use sticks to restrict your tossing. And in the end you realize the rotation cannot come out, has to come out from dantian. You cannot rotate, but you are getting closer to a rotation.
  • Have to go through a threshold, until you are breaking through. Other people say you look constipated. Hong said, because you are about to poo; they have no poo in the first place lol.

Stretch to rotate

  • Q: Either rotate or stretch – In the positive circle at what point is stretch and what point is supposed to rotate?
  • Rotation is what we want to achieve, but we cannot rotate (i.e. there are no rotations, it is only the end product. Rotation is parallel to becoming immortal – conquering everything human, getting rid of human characteristics. If a normal human can get rid of some of those characteristics already, he is already a grandmaster). We can only find ways that contribute to a rotation, we go towards rotation. Everything we do is a stretch, because stretch will lead to a rotation. Whether I understand or not, replace the word rotation with an action. Because rotation is a result – an aspiration. What can we do? Stretch.
  • Series of stretches causes it to rotate sideways when it can’t stretch anymore.
  • Need a point of reference to stretch.
  • First stretch is away from the front, elbow. The second is away from the side back, kua. The third is away from the rear foot, hand. Spiral shape.
  • Gets the hand in the right position (outside) so the inside is between the rear foot and the hand.
  • 9 dimensions (non-parallel surfaces) will create the simulation of a 3D object, or else there are holes.

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