Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 7 Oct 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/07

In today’s lesson the following students received partial Yilu corrections:

  • Josh Landau
  • Jack Scott
  • Mark Hanley
  • Kevin Chen
  • Sven Gusowski
  • Kerstin Frotscher-Kummle


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Fake and Real

When you are doing it, you are faking it.

We say that I didn’t do it.

Real is to rotate the core. Fake is moving the arms.

Two aspects. Physical shape and rotation.

Movement is the result of modification or adaptation.


– Example of a lever with a Stick.

  1. When the centre of the stick is the pivot. This is called slack. Wuji. Nothing really happens. To neutralise. This is 50/50.
  2. When end of the stick is the pivot and rotate. That generates power.

This description is very simple, and yet not possible to achieve on the human body. When you are able to perform one of these actions, we say you have transformed your body.


– When you feel you are rotating, it is 100% wrong. When you feel everything is wrong, there is a slight possiblity of being correct.

– A rotation does not normally create displacement of space. Speed will cause the rotation to move. We worked on this move stepping to the left after Punch Covering Hand Downwards.

– Change of direction must come from the core.

– The centre and core must be independent of the body.

– Master showed the expression of the centre being independent in Step Back to Whirl Arms on Both Sides.

– You cannot have two moves on the body at the same time. Many years later each independent part can only have one move.

– Six Sealing Four Closing stepping up. The slightest movement towards yourself will cause yourself to lose. In a forward move you cannot go backwards.

– Your movements must look like treads on a tank. The tank only moves forward. The treads are moving backwards and forwards. There is no point that the tank slips backwards.

– Exercise: Turn right to pound mortar. Lock the arms and body as one piece.


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Positive Circle, your hand must be slightly higher than your shoulder and much higher than your elbow.

Movement of up and down can only come from the shoulder and kua. This is a rule.

The circle is done without the arm.

By doing so we add a vertical dimension to the circle.

The arm performs the horizontal component back and forth.

The vertical component comes from the use of the kua and legs. Master showed the action on the two legs.



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