“Warping Energy 2” Online Video Class

by John Upshaw on 2020/04/17


Thus far, the videos I have selected as curriculum have been focused on the functional aspects of using ones own bio-mechanical structure and the structure of the opponent to “take up space” for the gaining of strategic positioning and for martial purposes. The video “Step up to Ji” gave a basic procedure of how to make contact while matching power and move in other body parts that adhere to the Practical Method’s principle of separated and sequential movements.  In the following video, “Move into Empty Space”, several lessons were taught by Master Chen in various ways to take up the opponents space and demonstrated a few examples of applications, such as going down and adding a dimension.

In this video, Master Chen teaches additional methods of taking up space by “whatever happens, you fill in the gaps”.  It is taking out space, working with space, playing with timing, and/or playing with structure.  The information from the previous video online classes come into play.  Significant additions are made in this video that further advances ones’ repertoire on how to use ones’ structure and the intentional use of working with space as a means of building martial skills and abilities.

What aspects from the other two videos build upon the skills/knowledge in this video?

What are the similarities and differences in the applications demonstrated?

What is the procedure in using “warping”?

What information presented stands out to you?


A Short Clip with lots of depth!!!

Please make comments through the video link above and in the reply section at http://practicalmethod.com/2015/05/warping-energy-2-online-video-trailer/

Official Online class begins 8am CST on April 19th…however, I have been utilizing an open format for continuous discussion and learning opportunities.




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