“Dimensions: 5 Points” Online Video Class

by John Upshaw on 2020/04/21


The “Dimension: 5 Points” online video builds upon the understanding and skills that were covered in the Step Up To Ji, Move Into Empty Space and Warping Energy 2 Online videos and classes. It allows Practical Method Taijiquan practitioners the opportunity to expand on ones’ understanding of how to use multiple dimensions to immobilize an opponent much like a spiderweb does to ensnare a moth helpless.

Questions to be mindful of when reviewing this video:

What is the importance of sustaining a stretch?

What is a dimension?

What does it mean to have 5 things touching in different dimensions?

What did Master Chen imply when he said “when you have 5 spots on your opponent, you opponent immediately becomes a stick”?

What does it mean my “each point needing to be full”?

What does it mean by every move has to be an addition, you can’t take something away?

What did Master Chen mean when he said “by adding points you gain power”?

What is the significance of the semi truck halfway off the cliff analogy?

How does your understanding  that was gained from the previous video classes, Step Up To Ji, Move Into Empty Space and Warping Energy 2,  relate to what what you learned in this video?

Please post your answers and comments at: http://practicalmethod.com/2014/06/dimensions-5-points-online-video-trailer/

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