North York Feb 2 Class Notes

by adriennesoles on 2017/02/05

Position of elbow in positive circle: After warming up with what we learned the last 2 weeks, we reviewed the line that the elbow follows in first move of Positive Circle.  It should follow a straight line as if it’s in a track. Fingers should still point at same spot. We tried looking at the line the forearm was making in mirror.

To finish positive circle after turning at waist,  lead with hand as if forearm is in a tube and sliding out sequentially. Don’t let forearm deviate outwards as it wants to.


Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar:

1)Make sure thumb of right hand pressing into sternum. Left elbow is slightly out at beginning. Hands as if holding someone’s forearm in terms of how far apart hands are.

2)Pivot on left ball of foot and right heel, keep head facing front. Left elbow comes in, right hand moves away from sternum and both hands still as if holding someone’s forearm. Left elbow makes negative circle, right makes positive circle with right hand out.

3) Step back left foot towards right, weight on right leg

4) Left heel down, shovel out.Right arm makes positive circle but leading with hand until arm is out to side on the right , left thumb at chest making a small negative circle as weight shifts to centre between two legs.

5) Right elbow pulls to front as back right foot steps forward onto ball of foot a bit in front of left foot and a bit to right. Left fingers touch right bicep.

6) Lift right knee up to touch elbow. Don’t lower elbow to touch knee.

7) negative circle to bring right arm to rest in fist in left palm and right foot steps down to right.




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