North York Class, Jan 26

by adriennesoles on 2017/02/04

Today we covered 5 exercises. Here are some corrections Kelvin Ho gave me and reminders in class as I understood at the time.

1)Twisting the Towel -Don’t move arms with arms but move arms and hands from same side foot. Make sure pelvis doesn’t move. Remember to keep hands stretched out and to stretch through whole arm. Keep on the centre line.

2) Positive Circle-Remember to start with elbow pointing down to floor with hand outstretched, not with eblow out to side. Also don’t look at hand but keep eyes on one point on wall. “Elbow in” -always bring elbow in further so touching inside of ribs not outside. “Turn at Waist”-don’t bend wrist. “Out with hand”- “stretch ” more through the arm and keep elbow in as long as possible.

3) Negative Circle: “Elbow in” as waist turns. Don’t pop shoulder. Second move make sure thumb facing chest not palm. Third move to return hand back to beginnning position-lead out with baby finger keeping elbow in as long as possible.

4) 6 Sealing 4 Closing: Think of a triangle where middle top corner presses down to push other 2 ends further away from each other. In this case shoulder presses down towards the line (imagine holding a stick and that’s the line-that’s how I interpreted )without letting shoulder pop. Arms move further away from each other because of the action of  the shoulder. Don’t move arms using arms.

5) Fetch Water: Similar triangle idea with one kua as the centre point that presses towards line to cause arms to move away from each other. When kua moves forward, knees should not move. The lower arm starts palm down on inner thigh of front leg-the pressing forward of kua makes that arm slide lower but bring elbow in further to cause palm to eventually face outwards on leg. Don’t turn wrist to accomplish this. Can practice with front knee against a corner wall to keep knee still.

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