1) Today we practiced not moving the knee forward during movements involving steping forward. Think of “stretching” hamstring and calf muscle as if knee pushing those 2 points apart (like a triangle )

Corrections in first movement when arms leads out to right after foot shovels forward-should be a positive circle leading with hand.

Also in first move as arms sweeps through to front, lead with elbow and don’t let arm or elbow drop lower.

In second movement correction was to make sure I never see my palm. Don’t turn wrist.


2) White Crane Spreads its Wings

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Position of elbow in positive circle: After warming up with what we learned the last 2 weeks, we reviewed the line that the elbow follows in first move of Positive Circle.  It should follow a straight line as if it’s in a track. Fingers should still point at same spot. We tried looking at the line the forearm was making in mirror.

To finish positive circle after turning at waist,  lead with hand as if forearm is in a tube and sliding out sequentially. Don’t let forearm deviate outwards as it wants to.


Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar:
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Today we covered 5 exercises. Here are some corrections Kelvin Ho gave me and reminders in class as I understood at the time.

1)Twisting the Towel -Don’t move arms with arms but move arms and hands from same side foot. Make sure pelvis doesn’t move. Remember to keep hands stretched out and to stretch through whole arm. Keep on the centre line.
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