Bentonville, AR, USA Mon 7 Feb 2011 AM session

by Richard Johnson on 2011/02/07


I. Stationary

  1. Twisting towel
  2. Six sealing four closing
  3. Fetch water (Drawing water from the well)
  4. Cloud hands (Double positive -alternating)
  5. Draping over the body (Double negative – alternating)
  6. Jingang circle (positive and negative)

II. Moving

  1. Six sealing four closing, two ways
  • Far (rear) foot steps back
  • Near (front) foot steps forward

III. Drills out of form

three steps in most movements

  1. in – destroy
  2. out – build
  3. finish build act


  1. Double positive – alternating
  • cloud hands – together, behind,  infront – like form
  • Red Fist  – face line, move 45 degrees to line; R – big , L -small , not size just distinguishes L/R
  1. Wrap crackers – step, set, open
  2. w/ leap – leap, step, open
  3. jade lady – on line – smaller visual size, turn, on hands – small physical size
  4. Punches – open both hands until tight, sink straight down to get to the other side. Punch is not a punch but takes up space with tightening at end.
  5. Punch with step <diagram> timing cannot be the same cannot touch line at same time, not able to do with out training.
  6. L/R rub foot – 1. extend arms, 2. kick, 3. Rotate; reaching in, extend, reel in –  is in  all moves

Richard Johnson

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Richard Johnson March 1, 2011 at 6:51 am

Here are my notes from Monday morning. What I have labeled as “Jingang Circle,” I think Shifu calls Pole Shaking.


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