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Feb 1 & 2 Greater Vancouver Workshop – Lines on the Body

February 4, 2014

On Sunday, Master Chen demonstrated how to set up multiple lines on an opponent’s body when pushing hands. The goal was to set up enough lines that the opponent finally felt like they had to jump out to escape, or they were bounced, or squeezed out.

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Some photos of the 2013 Singapore Private Lessons

December 5, 2013
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Sydney Workshop Notes 19/11/2013

November 19, 2013

After almost two weeks since attending the Sydney Practical Method workshop. I cannot retain all the information I heard in my head. It’s just going to give me a headache. I’m going to empty out all of my thoughts and experiences on what I remember from the Workshop, not to be excited on how many comments [...]

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London, UK Workshop Nov 21-22

October 31, 2013

Michael Calandra will be teaching a workshop on Practical Method in London on the 21-22 of November. Anyone interested can contact Asad Habib via facebook , or email Michael Calandra at  

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2013 New York Workshop Day One Photos

October 5, 2013
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Notes for Toronto Workshop Sep 19-22, 2013

September 28, 2013

  The following are my raw notes from the workshop: Create the arch in different segments of the body from hand to foot Don’t move the hand, stretch the elbow from the hand. Always aim at the largest part of the body since we shoot all over the place, and it’s useless. For now, the [...]

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Bruce Schaub Push Hands Learning with Chen Zhonghua 2013

September 22, 2013

Bruce Schaub Push Hands Learning with Chen Zhonghua 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

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Upper Midwest Practical Method Workshop

July 31, 2013

We are pleased to announce the return of Master Chen Zhonghua to the Upper Midwest, specifically Iowa, for a weekend workshop. We will cover foundations, form corrections, applications and push hands. These workshops are for everyone interested in learning taijiquan. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn. Hope to see you there. Iowa [...]

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Phoenix/AZ Workshop Oct 15 to 18, 2013

June 13, 2013

Master Chen Zhonghua’s Phoenix Workshop October 15 (Tuesday) to 18 (Friday)

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Toronto Workshop Sep 19-22, 2013

February 5, 2013

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Toronto

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Workshop Notes for Steve Chan’s Push Hands Workshop in Toronto on Nov 17-18, 2012

November 17, 2012

I am very impressed with Steve’s demos, he is able to explain his actions exactly like Master Chen with no deviation. It’s like deja-vu. I have heard the same explanations from Master Chen in a different place at a different time. I can learn so much from him.

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Ottawa Fall 2012 Workshop Supplemental Notes

September 18, 2012

Ming’s post below captures most of the material Master Chen shared on the weekend. Here are a few things I wrote down or was told directly over the course of the weekend. Main Theme: “Taiji movement must be Differentiated and Sequenced; in order to move like this, repetitive practice of Yi Lu is needed to [...]

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Maple Ridge February 2012 Workshop

February 21, 2012

Breaking a move to separate body parts.   1) push (hand extend to make the lever long) 2) turn (waist rotate to catch) 3) drop (use leg to generate downward force to cut)

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Ottawa Feb. 10, 2012

February 11, 2012

Feb. 10, 2012 Private lessons for James Tam, Ken Huang of Toronto and Daniel Mroz of Ottawa.

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Outside the Classroom: One Approach to Learning Taiji Online

February 3, 2012

Learning taiji online is impossible, but not impractical.  The key to getting the most benefit outside of the classroom involves understanding what can be achieved and what can not be achieved and through this understanding develop goals that are obtainable. 

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The 2 Chen Taiji Combat Principles

January 15, 2012

1. “To occupy strategic position you  must fight for the meridian”.

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Notes for Hong Kong Chen Style Taiji Practical Method Workshop Oct 22, 2011

November 18, 2011

Raw notes and review by Calvin Chow 1. Foundation A. Posture Training Static posture of first form in Positive Circle.  Horse stance – about 2 shoulder wide, rear foot point straight to the front. Front foot pointing 45 degree out and front foot heel is on the horizontal line of the rear foot toes. Rear hand [...]

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Toronto July 2011 Seminar

November 9, 2011

Keep ribcage upright. Don’t lean, keep kua open, don’t indent kua. Bicycle chain analogy (metal stretching, tightening the chain). To keep kua open it is almost like leaning back.

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Toronto 9 Workshop Notes

October 21, 2011

Any inaccuracies and creations herein are on my behalf. Italics are my best attempt at recording verbatim Master Chen’s teachings, everything else is my best attempt at describing them.

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Toronto 4-day Chen Taiji Workshop Sept. 22-25, 2011 Notes

September 23, 2011

Sept. 22, 2011

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Ottawa Seminar (Sunday September 18, 2011)

September 20, 2011

Recently Master Chen was in Ottawa again to teach another three day seminar. On the last day I had the pleasure of attending. It began with some push hands, interspersed with Yilu practice and several exercises. During the course of his instruction Master Chen recounted many interesting stories and examples. Quite a number of concepts [...]

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Su Lei Notes on July 17, 2011

September 15, 2011
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2011.7.11-17 Daqingshan Taiji Seminar Notes

July 20, 2011

一、关于基本功 单手圈:手臂放松,身体保持不动,坐腕(手腕伸直),肘顶肋,力落在后脚;出手不出肘,收肘不收手;手要高于肩,头不动手不抬肩下沉 正圈手在肘之上;反圈肘在手之上

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Daqingshan seven-day course

July 20, 2011

This time is the third time I went to DaQingshan. I feel excited. I was lucky to have attended the first Daqingshan Chen style taijiquan practical method training course by Master Chen and Hong Sen, my father.

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Toronto 8 Workshop Notes

July 19, 2011

These notes were compiled by myself throughout the workshop held July 2-3.  I have done my best to recapture important topics, therefore any inaccuracies are entirely on my behalf.  The notes are presented as they were written - chronological and point form.

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Notes from Edmonton workshop June 27 – July 1, 2011

July 19, 2011

Below are all the notes I took during this workshop, although they do not cover every day. Thank you so very much Master Chen and Allan, as well as everyone who attended. It was another excellent workshop, and was great to meet Ronnie, Charles, Lee, Drew, and Carlos.

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Notes for Toronto Workshop July 2-3, 2011

July 5, 2011
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Notes on my Visit to Daqingshan by Levi Sowers

June 4, 2011

This is a lengthy review of how I came to know Master Chen, make it to DaQingShan(DQS), and what it was like on the mountain while I was there. At the end, I will post some of my raw notes from the many days on the mountain and some pictures.

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Finland 2011 Taichi Workshop

March 26, 2011

10:00 am-1:00 pm and then 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This is the only place I have a schedule like this but it actually is quite good with a long break in the middle. Day one March 26, 2011. Foundations in the morning we only worked on positive circle. Lots of explanations and drills. In [...]

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Chen Style Practical Method Seminar Notes, San Juan Feb 12-13, 2011

February 16, 2011

During this last weekend Feb 12-13 we were honored to have in San Juan, Puerto Rico an awesome Chen Style Practical Method Tai Chi Chuan seminar conducted by Master Chen Zhonghua and assisted by his disciple Todd Elihu.

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2011.2.12 Puerto Rico Workshop Notes

February 15, 2011

Some talk of “qi,” others talk of “internal energy,” in the Practical Method we talk about separation of yin and yang.

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Puerto Rico 2011 Workshop notes

February 14, 2011

Corrections given to me were to do my movements bigger.  Small movements at the beginning will cause you to make many mistakes in your movements. 

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Raw Notes From 4 days in Bentonville AR

February 12, 2011

As master Chen requested, I am posting my raw notes from the Bentonville workshop. This was 4 days worth of notes.

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Bentonville, AR, USA Wed 9 Feb 2011

February 9, 2011

Fill it in, then add one. Get in -  Loose -  get into position, set it up, dissipate the opponent’s force. Two ways: Receive (a push from) the opponent. OR, Move into the opponent without pushing. (large circle)

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Bentonville, AR, USA Mon 7 Feb 2011 Eve

February 7, 2011

Old analogies – Taiji is like a rolling log (in water). Theory                      Method Back silk knot         Silk reeling

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Bentonville, AR, USA Mon 7 Feb 2011 AM session

February 7, 2011

Foundations I. Stationary Twisting towel Six sealing four closing

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