News and other exciting events happening in the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system in the world.

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Discounted early registration closes on January 10. A workshop T-shirt will be awarded to people who register early.


Rizhao China, (Photos courtesy of

Rizhao China, (Photos courtesy of

Congratulations to Master Chen and the Daqingshan students on making the 5th Daqingshan International Taiji Competition (大青山第五届国际太极拳大赛开赛) in Rizhao (日照), Shandong province (山东省), China a resounding success. There were more then 32 countries and regions represented; 130 teams fielded and 1170 contestants with more then 70 international representatives taking part. For the first time, real time Youtube broadcasts of some of the push hands competition was available to an international audience. Information on this event is available here. (in Chinese). I hope Practical Methods members who took part will share some of their experiences in this thread.

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Master Chen in Ottawa 2017

Master Chen in Ottawa 2017

“Winter is coming!” Master Chen took time from his busy schedule to visit Ottawa in a Weekend seminar organized by Disciples Rachelle B.and James T. . Participants from Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec City gathered to review their Practical Method Taijiquan progress for this year. Over the weekend, we focused on the theory and philosophy relevant to the Practical Methods. We then apply those understandings to the physical actions of the Foundations, forms and applications.

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Ping Wei will teach a private workshop in Las Vegas on December 5, Tuesday from 10am to 5pm.

The workshop will be on foundations and Yilu. It will prepare people for Master Chen’s workshop in Phoenix in January.


Ping Wei will teach a workshop in Irvine California on December 3, Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.

The workshop will be on Cannon Fist.

“…You also need
To have good friends
With friends
You can help each other…”
- Hong Junsheng, from Learning


We are glad to announce that the second European Practical Method Meet-up will take place in
Berlin on the first weekend of March 2018 (3rd & 4th).
Please let us know if you’re coming, as soon as possible (deadline January the 8th), so we can book
an appropriate training hall and organize a daily schedule.
The event is free, but there will be costs to share for the hall. The sooner you register the sooner we
can book, the cheaper it gets.
Registration is done simply by emailing us to
If you are not from Europe you can join anyway, of course :-)
This get-together is for all PM practitioners. It is not a workshop, but rather a training together to
exchange our experiences.
So there will be no teaching for beginners. That means you should know at least
the first 13 moves and the core foundations. You can struggle through the rest of the Yilu with us.

If you need more information feel free to ask us (