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Fist covering hand downwards

Stretch right hand from elbow – straight forward, pull back towards left. Left hand covers the right arm, circle the elbow, stretch right arm while placing left hand middle of chest(thumb near chest), rotate the hip towards left stretching all the way while locking right elbow and shoulder.

Drop both hands on the side.

Double negative circle- right hand near the face -left hand straight-left hand palm up drop just above right knee making fist- right hand make a fist- stretch downwards just above right knee – make a fist left hand and stretch opposite side opening the Kua towards the left. All one move

The lock is on right side and the stretch from the hip is towards the left.

Forward double push hands

Right hand positive circle start with elbow in out with hand 2nd positive circle elbow in touch the elbow to right side, lock and rotate torso to left as much as possible

Open left foot using the heel, lock the left side

Step forward pulling right foot ret on toes

Right hand forward, palm up, slightly bend the elbow, left hand palm up and beside the elbow

Step the right foot out 90 degrees lock right side, pull the left foot and place it beside right foot hands placed in front of the body… double push hands, palm facing downwards, chest height.


Interview with our Tim Duehring. Tim is a disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua and had stayed at DaQingShan for a couple of years. He will share about his practice of Hunyuan Chen Style TaiJi and Practical Method. And share his experience living on the mountain. For those of you who are interested what it is like living in China as a foreigner, join us in this live stream and post questions so he can address them live!

Jhung Siu Interview i

by admin2 on 2017/08/17

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The topic of why we practice Kung Fu slowly in Taiji came up recently. Take for example the Elbow In exercise, what are we trying to achieve with it? Alignment. When the alignment is right, when the elbow is truly in, the opponent holding your hand and wrist will find it hard not to pop and gets sucked into you via your arm. When we practice slowly, we are a) feeling our way to this alignment and b) establishing the habit of being in this Elbow In position during exchanges.

Starting slow and feeling your way and establishing a habit apply to all sorts of learning. Take for example my other hobby, guitar. I certainly don’t turn my drum machine or the backing track to the maximum speed during my first trial/initial learning stage until I have some hours under my belt. When I practice slowly, I find economy in my movement when I have to change chords, it gives me time to digest how to orient my fingers before I need to change chords.

This economy is the same with the Elbow In exercise. My opponent pops when my body has enough economy, if you will, to facilitate a path for my elbow to move into the perfect alignment. This economy consists of building up your body to allow your Kua to open and turned up to meet your shoulder, while my fingers remain pointing at my opponent’s spine throughout the during of the elbow moving in. At the meantime, for your body to remain still/not moving, we maintain a fixed head by imagining the head is leaning against a solid object. In my class, our core exercises are Elbow In with the rubber cord; fetch water with the Yoga block against the knee; and the 1,2,3 step.

Give it a try; the results may surprise you!

最近談起打太極拳為什麼要慢。以收肘為例、到底收肘是練甚麼?是練對準。能對準、肘真正的能收就能輕鬆的把對方蹦起而吸到你身邊。 慢慢練收肘是要練 a) 體驗肘要放那個位才是準、b)養成這對準的習慣。




Fist Draping Over Body (Pi Shen Chui) and Lean with Back (Bei Zhe Kao) 

Double negative circle: Left hand negative circle, right hand elbow in place hand in punch form just above the left knee, right hand negative elbow in place hand in punch form just above the left knee. Repeat twice.

Right arm turn clockwise and raise the arm to crown. Hand in punch form. Left hand rests on the Kua and stretch open. The line and the stretches should be from left heel to right

Cross Hands (Shi Zi Shou) 

Double negative circle, left arm stretched on left side and right arm stretched on the right side higher than left arm, Continue the negative brining arms in a cross position, right above the left, hands in punch form, opposite to the chest, elbows tucked and facing the ground, same time  slide right foot heel first to the right and land.