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After the 2-days Hong Kong Chen style Taiji practical method workshop held on 17&18 Dec, I joined the regular foundation Sunday class. Starting from my 1st day training, I learned the importance of the kua opening. When doing twist-towel or fetch water foundation, by opening the Kua, power can be transferred from the foot (ground) to the hand.
In order to see my measurable improvement, I measured the distance between my knees of my stretched open Kua on the 1st day. With the training aids of rubber band and rubber block, I practice the foundation exercise at home everyday. Today just finished the 3rd training lesson and I measured my knees distance again. I have little improvement from 80 cm to 81cm. I understood that this is very difficult to get my kua open at my age of over 60. But nevertheless, I will keep on trying.
I got one extra bonus, my waist get smaller, from 88 cm down to 85 cm.

Sammy is the young chap in the middle at the beginning of this video:

Curves come from straight lines and rotations.



Every move in practical method is either a positive circle or a negative circle, powered by kua action on a fixed point. Identify the positive and negative circles in your actions, fix points appropriately, power with the kua and then find the sequence. Without all of the above, timing might mean nothing.

Is Taiji logical? 6

by Sarah on 2017/01/12

Today I realised, why I like (our) Taiji that much. We had class (Patrick, John and me), Chén Xù was teaching. He showed us twisting the towel. Push the left foot and then don`t move (one point on the right side of the body), push the right foot, don`t move (one point on the left side of the body). This is the same principle Chen Laoshi explained in this video . When I heard Chén Xù`s explanation, I thought, that this is so illogical. Because, if you lock the right side and turn the left, and then lock the left side – there where you are – and turn the right, in the end you are moving forward. Although I saw Chén Xù doing it, believing his explanation, my mind said: How??? That`s not logical.

Just for joking I asked him about my worries and he said, don`t care about it!

This for me is the challenge and attraction. I always loved maths but practical method is more complicate! It seems to be so logical and scientific, but then very often, for me it makes no sense at all :-)


History and Development of the Midwest Group

Master Chen Zhonghua’s first workshops in Iowa were in 2007 and 2008, hosted by John Brown. In the summer of 2009 I organized the first Midwest Practical Method gathering, along with Tim and Levi, in the Northeast Iowa area, which was led by Tim Duehring. The group met periodically throughout the year for several years. Tim move to China to work for Master Chen, which Levi Sowers then led our gatherings. Several of our group members became disciples of Master Chen Zhonghua, which initially, Tim was the only one. The Midwest disciples, in chronological order, include: Levi Sower, John Upshaw, Erwin Ramthun, Jeff Clevenger and Christopher Dusek.

Levi Sowers and I have organized 3 Midwest Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Workshops that was taught by Master Chen. These workshops occurred in October of 2013, September of 2015 and July of 2016. We have organized the first North American Practical Method Training Camp that will be led by Master Chen this coming July.

The Warriors’ Journey Groups

I created and facilitate 2 groups, one for children and the other for adults, which combines Taijiquan with Somatic and Interactive Psychotherapies. I have about 16 participants and I am adding another group to accommodate more. I facilitate each group once per week. I teach it no differently that I am taught, except I have an added therapeutic intent. I have seen children transform from powerless to being empowered, developing self-confidence, becoming more courageous, more able to face the challenges of life and more able to be mindfully present in the moment.

Private Lesson

I teach private lessons and small class at Pfeiffer Springs Park on Sundays at 6 am. In the winter months other locations are decided upon. Levi, Erwin and Jeff (now residing in Huston Texas) teach in their towns.






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