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During the last Toronto workshop, Master Chen mentioned some common sense guidelines for asking questions at live workshops with him. He said there are only really three valid questions while he is instructing:

  1. Mater Chen, I did not *see* that clearly, can you please show me again?
  2. Master Chen, I did not *hear* you clearly, can you please repeat that again?
  3. Master Chen, I did not *feel* that clearly, can you please do that again?

At another previous workshop he instructed not to rephrase his words, (e.g. “so you’re saying…”). He uses very specific words and they should not be changed.

Dear Tai Chi – enthusiasts and those interested!

Master Chen Zhonghua is coming for the third time to Vienna to show and share his skill in Tai Chi. The workshop is made for those without any knowledge about the art as well as advanced students of Tai Chi and will grant deep insights in the art. Also practitioners of other martial arts are welcome to participate at this workshop.
The workshop will be held in english, translation into german will be provided when needed.

Date and hours:
- 20.03.19      2pm – 5pm and 7pm – 9pm
- 21.03.19       2pm – 5pm and 7pm – 9pm

Cost: 150€ for both days, 80€ for one day. (For people that can only attend in the evenings we can arrange a special offer, please contact us.)
Participation is limited to 20 people.

Location: Pottendorferstr. 9, 1120 Vienna (Its a small white door, leading downwards to the room. You can see it when you search for the adresse in Google-Maps.)

Chen Zhonghua the international representative of Tai Chi Chuan Practical Method will guide you through his workshop personally, being assisted by Pawel Müller the Viennese representative and indoor disciple.
Master Chen Zhonghua is known for his indepth knowledge of the art which he shares also in many videos available for free on platforms like youtube. He specializes in showing theoretical concepts directly with his body and is therefore exceptionally capable of answering upcoming questions. The main topic of his art are the theory of Yin and Yang (Tai Chi) and the implications of these concepts for the body movements.

The workshop will cover among other topics:
- Theory
- Foundational excercises
- The first 13 movements of the Tai Chi form
- Partnerwork

During breaks everyone is welcome to join us during meals with the master.

If you are interested in private lessons please let us know in advance.
Please use this link to register:

Facebook link:

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As part of my new role as the International Liaison Officer for Master Chen here in China, I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting and greeting Massimo Giorgianni from Toulouse as he arrived in Beijing for an 8 day stay in Rizhao, Read more

-I missed the first hour.

To manipulate and opponent requires gradually altering the “friction” of the contact points. We need to be able to go from 10 units of friction to 8 units to 6 to 4 to 2 as we do a move, and we need to be able to do this more quickly than the opponent can adapt to us. This is very difficult to do, it requires a lot of foundations. When someone is pushing us, if we have too much yang we will lose, too much yin and we will also lose.

The universe was nothing, and then was created through a rotational force. Therefore, a rotational force cannot be countered. This does not mean a rotational force can do everything. However, the progress of a rotational force is unlimited; 360 degrees. An external straight line has an end.
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Learning i

by Michael Lamberti on 2019/03/02

I will attempt to recount what Master Chen shared about learning the morning of 3/2/19 at the Toronto workshop.
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