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Remember My Masters Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang 2020.04.04.

It’s CHINESE Qingming (Memorial Day) in China today. Thinking of my two masters: Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang.

Grandmaster Hong Junsheng Portrait

Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang
Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang
Chen Zhonghua with Grandmaster Hong Junsheng

Chen Zhonghua with Grandmaster Hong Junsheng

Chen Zhonghua with Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang

Chen Zhonghua with Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang


In this video, Master Chen showed us how to prevent an opponent’s incoming force from penetrating into ourselves with the 3rd count of the positive circle. It is a invaluable aspect of the positive circle.

We will have an online class based on this video using the comment section of this video at 10 am Eastern Time on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Come join us!

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Master Chen Zhonghua always amazes me, whether it is at the next workshop (there is always something new and amazing) or looking back — such as in this video captured during a workshop in Ottawa ten years ago… an easy, seemingly simple, and clean bounce:

What do you see in the video?

John Upshaw:  Everything is on a line. He added the right leg to the line…left arm to right leg…

Lou Sacharske: Watch his right shoulder, as he adds the right leg, there is zero deviation to telegraph the execution.

James Tam: I believe the rotation axis is the one joining Shifu’s left shoulder and front foot. And, the stick (effective energy pathway) is from his back foot to Steve’s upper back.




PicsArt_11-25-04.25.43I started learning practical method on 2005. I had a lesson once a week from one of Master Chen’s disciples. At that time I practiced maybe once per week.
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Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method

Dear fellows,

I also want to announce it here, especially as our Taijiquan is a very central part of our life, that we are up to create a new community within the international township of Auroville, South India.

This should become a self-sustainable project, including training facilities, farming and all sort of arts, music, handcrafts etc. But more than that we want to Read more

Move the Middle (fix the two end and move the middle). Fixed the thigh contact; fix the hand elbow contact; use the kua movement to complete the action.
The last day of the 2020 March Zhonghua Chen Toronto Practical Method Workshop. By Chen Zhonghua and David Dahms.


This is that (concept)

i.e. brush the knees
Step 1
Remove slack
Step 2

Train to lock angle so that
1) hand is shoulder
2) hand is kua
3) hand is foot
Translation is 1:1
Distance and angle cannot change
Distance is in perception, if opponent has no perception there you can cut through distance
Moving steps
Tower crane mounted on truck
Truck can move, tower cannot
Train to be uncomfortable on the line instead of comfortable off the line
Parterner drill
let someone push you till you are about to fall and regain balance, repeat
Train to feed
On the touch get the full, no slack
Old man catching fish – muddy move vs clear move
Rope and stick – are yon and yang, if opponent is stick become rope
Loose the energy through joint
You always use the one behind to use the one forward.
To move your hand you must use your elbow.
To move you outside of elbow, you must use inside of Shoulder.
To move your shoulder you must use your kua.
Tou can only move inside tube – hand is inside tube and can only extend
Touxh point on hand acts as lever and on contact in with elbow move flips the hand like Bird tap
Grind/spear – out with hand is grind
3 way split – hand is stretched from elbow, elbow is stretched towards shoulder and center is aiming from dantian to create vector force
Empty the bag – a heavy bag half filled, you lift and turn full side from one hand to empty it on other side  hand

–I missed a good deal today, especially right after lunch, but these are the notes I took–

Foundation practice and Yilu are to warm up the body. The body must be separated into Yin and Yang, structure and action. The body has to completely lock up with the exception of one piece. Then an action has to move that one piece. The action has to be outside the body, but it’s also in the body. It’s like a hand with a powerful grip on a screwdriver. The hand is not part of the screwdriver, but it is part of the screwdriver. All the action comes from the hand, none from the screwdriver. But they move as one.

We have to learn to get a hold on a line. Ignore the arm or whatever it is and just get a hold on the line. A hold requires being on both sides of the line. Scissors are designed to get a hold, to get on both sides, of something as thin as paper.

The power used to throw a cotton ball at someone is the same as the power used to throw a stone at someone. The difference is the cotton ball absorbs that power on impact, while the stone transfers that power to the person it hits on impact.

To deal with a solid object, use a stick. To deal with an object that’s not solid, use a bow and arrow. These two structures can be seen all throughout the world. They are fundamental.

The highest level of fighting is when someone adds the third dot to a line and finishes the opponent’s move for them. Taiji is unclear in a way that is clear. The three dots are totally independent and unrelated to each other, but they must happen at the same time. It is as though a professor is teaching a large class, and everyone is listening and paying attention at the same time, but they are listening and paying attention independent from each other. Our movements are completely separate from each other, but the opponent feels one move. A qun (large mythical bird) and a gnat cannot understand each other, the qun lives for millions of years, the gnat from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. And yet, their stories are the same: birth, growth, sex, reproduction, decay, death. They cannot relate, but it’s exactly the same. Taiji is everything put together by one thing: time

Tiger’s back and Bear’s waist (doesn’t have)

Stretch removes indentation and protrusion.
Movements create indentation and protrusion .
Exercise 1
Shoulder as reference and chest goes back or chest is reference and shoulders come forward
(Hands in forward)
Exercise 2
Tear the center of chest (i.e.single whip)
Humanity point(center of the chest in front) and Vitality point (lower back) ( instinct),
Harmony of both is unification of both.
Horizontal relationship and vertical relationship and their controlling mechanism is dot.
Dantian is hub but there’s no crossing (I.e. overpass on road in city)
Positive energy is seen, negative energy can not be seen. They are always pair but only positive is sensed by observer and negative is felt by opponent.
1) Create a space/hole put opponent in there
2) Bait/blunt/blurred vs. focused/sharp/crisp move

1) sequence of learning- learn Form (overall structure), stretch (no fight),  and how to stretch

2) step in on moving positive circle.  Elbow comes in, leg goes out in same direction no deviation

3) bypass/ turning over – there is no direct connection of 2 body parts as if there is you can not connect to ground , can not bypass,

4) How to stretch ,
Remain on track,
When you can bypass you create stretch ,
Adjacent body parts have to give a way in order to stretch
5) real learning is not about something big or important, it’s about looking at something sitting in corner so small that nobody is looking at it
6) taiji is yin yang ,
And for every yin yang ,
Create another yin yang to match
Create ,
2 set of bypass ,
That’s called yin is rooted in yang and yang is rooted in yin
7) stretch , no retreat in move, horizontal to vertical,
8) every body part move 1mm makes 10mm. It’s difficult to move 1 part 10 mm
9) pair exercise , equal vs over. Difference is Only one notch. To go over the Key is rest of body doesn’t move.
10) you need to know when you are over the other side, don’t use power unless you are already on the other side
11) change the dot without touching the dot – switching

The intro, instructions and outro are in Polish, but you can turn on English subtitles.

I am curious about usefulness of this video for PM students around the world – if you think it is helpful enter your city name in the comment (on YouTube).

Enjoy the practice!

Master Chen

Dear Tai Chi – enthusiasts and those interested!
Please use this link to register:
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This year, with Master Chen Zhonghua’s 9th Berlin workshop, we’re celebrating 10 years of the Practical Method in Germany. Anyone who’s interested in participating in this anniversary workshop, please click here for further information and sign up:


Looking forward! :)

Details coming soon!

October 26, 2019 Day 1 Training

Chen Style Taijiquan Seminar

Practical Method Basics & Sabre

Notes prepared by Chan Jadoonath


Learning from Master Chen is a unique experience. One of the most striking things he said during our first day was I give you instructions and you don’t follow it. I didn’t take notes. I made no recording. I took no photos. I cannot describe the form or the details of the foundation drills that we practised. Would I remember anything from the workshop far less follow it? At the end as we were saying goodbye I asked his advice. He said write about the workshop.

 I am a complete beginner. I know nothing about tai chi, the culture, the history … so attempting to write is difficult. Whatever I say will be my memory, my interpretation and may not be what Master Chen actually taught. But he knew all that when he said it. Even if writing felt illogical and impractical to me I decided to still follow his suggestion. There is no point asking for advice and not following it.

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I’ve just spoken to Shifu and I‘m happy to announce, that there will be discounts on the 8 European workshops this year (2020). It’s simple:

First workshop: Full price
Second workshop: 25% off
Third workshop: 30% off
Fourth and further workshops: FREE
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Interested in Chen Style Taiji? We are offering a beginners’ class beginning on Feb 2, 2020. We will begin with foundations, and then move on to the 13-form of Chen Style Taijjiquan Practical Method. It will enable you to practice on your own. Come try the first class for free.

对陈式太极拳有兴趣吗? 我们从2020年2月2日开始举办初级班。 由教授基本功开始,然后到陈式太极拳实用方法十三式。 这将使您能够自己进行练习。 欢迎试课一堂。

Instructor 导师: Kelvin Ho 何家伟
Date 日期: Sundays 逢星期日
beginning on Feb 2, 2020 由2020年2月2日开始
Time 时间: 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Location 地址: Agincourt-51
728 Gordon Baker Rd, North York, ON M2H 3B4
Topics 内容: Taijiquan Foundation 太极拳基本功
13-form 太极拳十三式
Fee 费用: $200 for 10 classes or $25 for a drop-in class
$200 – 10 课 或 $25 – 1 课

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Tai Chi – The Art of Precision

January 12, 2020

Tai Chi – The Art of Precision By Ramona Gomez  

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Utrecht, The Netherlands Workshop – Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method & Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan Workshop – 17+18 March 2020

January 6, 2020

 Contact, information and registration: Email:

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Haiku: Yilu

January 4, 2020

Yilu — by Bogna Golenko Invisible Force Secret Movement Inside Out Balanced Opposites    

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Shifu James Strider – 1st 13 Moves of Yilu – Daqingshan, Shandong Province, China – September 2019

December 30, 2019

    Shifu James Strider demonstrating the 1st 13 moves from the Practical Method Yilu during his 18 month full time sabbatical on Daqingshan, Wulian, Shandong Province, China – September 2019 This is purely a video of reference material. If you wish to learn from the International Standard Bearer Master Chen Zhonghua, go to his [...]

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Hello, my name is Adarsh Khalsa

December 30, 2019

Hello, my name is Adarsh Khalsa, a 67-year-old woman retired almost two years now. I began studying PM (Practical Method) with Ping Wei at the beginning of 2019 and this was my first workshop (December 2019). One of the main things for me was how it exponentially increased my understanding of what this practice is [...]

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Practical Method at Roadrunner Park in Phoenix, Arizona

December 25, 2019

Practical Method Phoenix, Ping Wei Regular classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, from 7:30 to 8:30am at Roadrunner Park. Foundations, Yilu, Erlu, and sword. Call (602-373-3457) or email ( for details.  

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New Year’s Day Tai Chi and Brunch, Phoenix, Arizona

December 25, 2019

New Year’s Day Tai Chi and Brunch Hosted by Ping Wei Practical Method Phoenix 8:30-9:30am Tai Chi at North Mountain Park (7th Street/Peoria). 9:30-, Brunch at Ping and Ross’ home, 10622 N. 8th Street, Phoenix. RSVP by text to Ping @ 602-373-3457, or email:    

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Phoenix Practical Method Seminar 2019 Notes

December 14, 2019

Day 1 Double negative has to be more vertical – open below, closes up top. Buttocks cannot protrude.  Kua is not open enough.  It will hurt.

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Video Pt1 – James Strider – Private Session – Jose Lobato – Perth Dec 2019

December 5, 2019

Video Pt1 – James Strider – Private Session – Jose Lobato – Perth Dec 2019 On the 4th of December I had the privilege of meeting up with Jose Lobato from East Timor whom I had met just recently at the Bali workshop. We had a great time, despite the unexpected Marsh Flies and various [...]

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Sydney Workshop, Feb 15-16, 2020

December 4, 2019

Instructors: Master Chen Zhonghua Date: Feb 15-16, 2020 Time: 8:30am to 11:30am2:00pm to 5:00pm Location: DJKJ Kung Fu Academy 34 Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018 Topics: Theory, Foundations, form (Yilu), applications and push hands Fee: $380 for 2 days, $220 for 1 day. Register: Suggested preparation for first-timers, get yourself familiar with the following: [...]

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Daqinghshan Full-time Testimonial of Disciple Applicant Yu Xin from Queenstown, New Zealand

December 2, 2019

During her 7 day stay on Daqingshan during July, 2019, Disciple Applicant Yu Xin gave this 8minute interview with International Liaison Officer and Instructor James Strider. In it they discuss meeting Master Chen and the daily regime you will find on Daqingshan when you come to stay….  

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International Liaison Officer and Instructor Shifu James Strider on Daqingshan Mountain 2019

December 2, 2019

International Liaison Officer and Instructor Shifu James Strider on Daqingshan Mountain 2019      

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2019 Fountain of Youth Qi Taiji Event on Nov. 23, 2019

December 1, 2019

I was invited along with a number of taiji teachers in Toronto to perform at the 2019 Fountain of Youth Qi Event on Nov. 23, 2019. Each teacher first performed a routine of his choice on stage. In the 2nd part of the event, each teacher demonstrated Cloud Hands, Single Whip and White Crane (Goose) [...]

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Bali Workshop 2019 And The First Southeast Asia-Oceania Taiji Push Hands Competition Review

November 26, 2019

This time the 7th practical method workshop in Indonesia was held in Bali.  Master Chen Zhonghua together with a team of trainers i.e: Wang Kai, Ling Ziming, Ling Zili, Song Zhenhua and participants from China arrived in Bali on November 19, 2019 at midnight. James Strider arrived at the 21st of November. The next day the [...]

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Toronto Taiji Push Hands Workshop on Dec. 8, 2019

November 25, 2019

Push hands is an exercise that examines your understanding of the Taiji principle: Separation of Yin and Yang. While form training transforms your body, push hands provides an opportunity for you to apply your Taiji knowledge and skill. It has also become a popular sporting event both in China and abroad. This workshop is suitable [...]

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Bali Practical Method Seminar 2019-1

November 19, 2019

Arrived early this morning. Some photos:

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Disciples Sven and Carlotta from Berlin visited Utrecht, the Netherlands.

November 19, 2019

In the weekend of 9 & 10 November Carlotta and Sven from Berlin came to Utrecht in the Netherlands for the Open Dutch Championship and a workshop. Sven led the workshop and Carlotta the execution of the yilu 13 section. Two of my students in Holland, Lucas and Ester took part in it, together five [...]

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Brennan Toh visits Ottawa in November, 2019

November 17, 2019

Brennan Toh, disciple of Chen Zhonghua, recently visited the Ottawa Branch of the Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy. Brennan is currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan. As we know Master Chen Zhonghua does not allow students of Practical Method to socialize. This event became a practical and teaching session!

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Pulling instead of pushing

November 5, 2019

Pulling instead of pushing … The first time I heard that statement, it made absolutely no sense at all to me. The tenth time I heard that statement, it still made no sense. I remember doing two person floor drills at Master Chen’s workshops where we were supposed to move the drill partner backwards by [...]

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A business meeting delegations practiceTaijiquan Practical Method in Bali

September 28, 2019

  By Ong, Wen Ming. Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple from Bali Island, Indonesia. On 27, 28 and 29 September 2019, I was honored to teach the chen style taijiquan practical method to a delegations of a multi-national company based in Russia who were holding their annual meeting on the island of Bali, Indonesia.  The delegation [...]

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Master Chen Zhonghua Bali, Indonesia Workshop 22-24 November 2019

September 21, 2019

 Master Chen Zhonghua’s 2019 Bali Workshop You are duly invited to join Master Chen Zhongua’s 2019 Bali Workshop, organized by Practical Method Indonesia. This will be Master Chen’s only SE Asia Workshop for 2019, so it’s not to be missed! Please read the details below for all accommodation and payment options. Date: 22-24th November Time: [...]

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Master Chen’s Workshop in Phoenix in December

September 20, 2019

PM workshop Dec 2019

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