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Hereby some collected Practical Method logos from schools all over the world. If you have one logo and you don’t find it in this rough collection, got a better version or otherwise, please post it in the comments section or send it to me via wechat or by email and I will repost it later on. This collection is gathered in order to research the possibility of an international standard logo, as instigated by some elder taiji brothers of mine in the English Wechat group.
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Body Control in Yilu i

by admin2 on 2018/07/05

Please Comment on what you see and how we should apply it in Yilu practice

You can also see a few pictures here.

In Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method the power is delivered to the opponent through the principle of non-movement.  As “Don’t move” is one of the fundamental instructions in the system in order to separate the completion of a form in layers of a circle, the body has to be trained in the same way, meaning with set restrictions.

In the following video Master Chen is demonstrating the method of training the yin-yang reversal in the body, in order for the power to be directed to the hand without being caught in the inside of the body.

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Richard Johnson is now teaching in Auburn, Alabama and soon in Decatur, Alabama. For more information, you may reach him at

Auburn – Chen Taiji Academy – Classes

Mondays and Wednesdays at noon at Town Creek Park pavilion ………… Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method


Decatur  - Chen Taiji Academy – Classes

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My name is Ramona. I started practicing    Practical Method Tai Chi with Ping Wei approximately one year ago at Paradise Valley Community College. I have always liked martial arts and was curious about Tai Chi. The promise of strength, balance, and brain power intrigued me so I decided to give it a try. After all, what can I lose? After a year of steady practice I have improved, or so my teacher tells me, and he should know. After all he has been practicing for many years.
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