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Yangshuo, Guilin, China 20231025.

Before the workshop this weekend, we managed to see off the famous sites in Yangshuo.  Read more

The 6th Daqingshan International Competition


Daqingshan Mountain from the Pagoda

The start of my stay in China coincided with the 6th International Daqingshan Competition (April 28th to 30th this year), a yearly gathering that Master Chen started to promote both Taijiquan forms (a series of choreographed movements particular to each Family style) and also to provide a stage for a large scale Push Hands (a means of practicing Taiji techniques whilst trying to unbalance your opponent) tournament.

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It was the warmest day on this European tour today so we decided to visit the Prague Castle after afternoon class. Here are some of our photos.

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by admin on 2011/04/10

(The itinerary is subject to change)

Day 1:

Ÿ  Depart for Beijing from Vancouver, British Columbia on Air Canada 029 @ 12:00 p.m.

Day 2:    –  BEIJING (D) Read more

Jinan 2010 i

by webmaster on 2010/10/23

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Jinan2010Trailer.m4v (6962 KB)

Coming soon to a documentary by Paul Janssens of a day in the life of Jinan, Shandong, China.

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A friend of Master Chen invited the students to do demonstration during wushu competition in his school. We went there in the morning, had a very nice seafood lunch, and other treats in the afternoon.
Video by Paul Janssens below.
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Yiyuan tours i

by webmaster on 2010/08/19

Had a fantastic opening ceremony in the local theatre last night though it was very very hot.

Touring Yiyuan sites this morning. The Chinese valentine’s day story happened in Yiyuan.
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We are headed for the Black Tiger Springs Park this Jul 21 morning at 5:00 am. This is a the park where Hong taught towards the end of his life. He started teaching at the Huiquantang area in Jinan and then moved to the Daming Lake area. When I started, he was already teaching in the Black Tiger Springs Park with the assistance of Li Zongqing. [edit: Aug14 video by Paul Janssens]

Video and Photos below
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After visiting Master Li Enjiu school in Jinan, we went to Qufu and TaiShan

Photos and Video below
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Heavy rain started in the afternoon.

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# Is full payment made?

# Tickets, passport, visa, and some cash. Read more


News you can use. According to an official of Beijing Railway Station, residents can dial 65260000 to book train tickets from between 2 to 20 days ahead of time. Read more

This is the text for the 2004 China Trip narration: A Great Wall Read more

Jim Peters is from Regina, SK. Canada. He is a student of Ronnie Yee. Jim was the strongest fire fighter in Regina. He studies Aikiko and other martial arts before. This is what he has to say about Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and his 2004 trip to China