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Daqingshan Castle At Night

Daqingshan Castle At Night

This poster is composed of actual Daqingshan site photos. It is currently used as a large billboard at the entrance to Daqingshan on Highway 222.


The background mountain and the hotel are actual pictures. The area in front of the hotel is design effect.


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These are two pictures of Master Sun Zhonghua’s latest oil paintings on the subject of Daqingshan. The first one depicts a section of the ancient Ju State (?-431 B.C.) Great Wall. These are remains on the current Daqingshan site. The second one depicts a scene of the oak trees on Daqingshan. 

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Daqingshan Impressions i

by admin on 2011/09/02


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Some photos I took after a heavy rainfall. Daqingshan is mystical and magical. 我雨后的几张照片。大青山神秘、魔幻。

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Immortal Lady Cave i

by admin on 2011/07/09

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DQS Turnaround i

by admin2 on 2011/05/12

I had to make an emergency visit to Daqingshan. True to my tradition this year, I brought cold whether. Daqingshan had an ice and snow storm. Read more

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Some from Tim; some from Xu Jing. Wangting refers to the founder of Chen Style Taijiquan Chen Wangting. Read more

Here are some photos of a hike on Daqingshan by some of the Practical Method masters. We hiked from the Han Emperor Palace to the Dragon’s Abyss and then to the Garden.

大青山旅行见闻 i

by wuamin on 2010/08/09

7月10日,我第二次来到大青山,7月18日才离开,住了整整一个星期。眨眼已经过去快一个月了,可大青山的有些景象还是很清晰的保留在我的脑海里。 Read more

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Evergreen Valley Photos i

by admin on 2010/06/27

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It’s a beautiful sunny day on Daqingshan. These are photos taken at 5:30 am. The main point of instruction today is “Don’t move your hands”.