Online Lesson with Master Chen 23rd Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/23

- We use linear straight moves to create moves that are not linear. Example: How the crane works and how the airplane takes off.

- Knees do not protrude. If you are in a small stance, then your stance will be high. If you are in a lower stance, the feet need to be further apart, to be in a wide stance.

- Opening of the kua. The thighs need to be able to rotate. Orientation of the kua is always up, even sometimes overall the body is going down.

- Untie the knot. Example: Six sealing four closing, Step back to double shake the feet. In with elbow, you have a knot. Sink chest to untie,then out with hand. To go over. So you have three different types of movements instead of simply going back and forth.

- The triangle structure formed by hand elbow shoulder need to be kept. When sink the shoulder, the power is transferred along the back of the arm to the hand.

- Step up to punch covering hand. The jump is a throw. The body becomes small.

- Third Cloud hand. When stepping, pick up the R foot while lock the L knee. It is called stepping to cover the knee. When the R foot land without L knee moving, L foot is up right away with R knee locked, is like switching between two feet.

- Form 70 High pat on horse. After elbow in, all the moves are from turning the waist to the kick.

- White ape presents fruit. R fist has to follow a line/track. It is back fist done like a whip.

- Knees do not face the ground. The knee up and down movements are from the kua. Fall into split, the R knee does not touch the ground so you can always bounce back up.

- Originally Yilu finishes facing the back and feet position is as shown on the picture. Was modified by Hong in 1956 in a performance.

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