Online Class with Master Chen 23rd Nov 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/24

– Front trick and rear trick.
When you have movement, you have no power. Fight without movements. Arms are placed in position and locked. The waist causes horizontal movements and the knees cause up and down movements. Power from the waist and the feet.
The middle does not move, so the arms are powered by (react with) the back foot kicking into the ground. Same as the power points of White Crane Spreads Its Wings.

– Wild horse parts its mane. When stretching, you have to have something very strong to anchor on, something does not move.

– Form 48 Turn Right and Six Sealing Four Closing. When doing the turn to step up, there are two rods. One is on the torso, the other is on the right forearm. The two rods need to be maintained on the turn and step.

– Always 3 counts. Shaking the pole. When moving backwards 1. back foot 2. in with the elbow 3. front foot; When moving forward 1. front foot 2. back foot 3. out with hand

– Big movements to explore every joints. To ensure the moves come back to the waist. Don’t take shortcuts. Example is the double downward press in Punch Covering Hand. Arms are open and the shoulders go over.

– Rub the R Foot. On the turn, pull the R foot closer to the L foot to coil the leg forward together. That coiling makes your body smaller especially when your stance is quite big, helps you to be stable and it is easier to do the kick. On the kick, the foot is flat and the toes are pointed. Lift the knee first and then extend and flex from the knee joint.

– Elbow can not be straight. When the elbow is straight, you lose the structure, then you lose the control. If you need to go further, stretch the rest part of the body or step.

Yilu can be done with point form following the beat, like rap. Link the moves to a rhythm so we will never forget or make mistakes. Like the traditional poem.

– Follow the steps to train. Each move has a designated number. After years of practice, we might develop our own rhythm, which is not what the teacher teaches. It is a matter of how you would like to express yourself. Like the stages of learning how to paint.

– Stiff. Stiff means don’t lose power. Means hold onto something and do not let go. Example: Six Sealing Four Closing, you have to grab the arm and then break it. Lock, don’t let go and add the rotation of the joints.

– Six Sealing Four Closing. The F Kua is acting as a pivot, which does not move. The power is from pushing into the front foot and the rear foot.

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