Online Lesson with Master Chen 25th Nov 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/26

Positive Circle.
There are three sections. In each section, the lead needs to be clear. 1. In with elbow. Once the arm is in position, it does not move anymore. 2. Turn with the kua/waist. Only rotate the shoulder-kua line, do not move the arm on its own. Shoulder need stay in position without any displacement, no popping, no swaying sideways. 3. Out with hand. The power is on the back foot/kua. The kicking of the back foot into the ground propels the rest part of the body to go forward. Get onto your tippy toes to push, there will be a stretch through the inner thigh. The torso opens up.

– Turn Left to Pound the Mortar.
Left elbow is pulled in, aiming the kua/dantian instead of the chest, so the shoulder will stay down. When done right, the head will be popped up naturally.
Out with hand. Turn the hand(dao shou) first, the hand does not come back. Hold the elbow and turn the hand. Turn over on the spot. Every form has this move.
If you don’t move, you cannot fight. If you move, you have dead corners. By turning over, you are like a round ball, no dead corners and every move is towards your opponent. You never get stuck. Don’t reverse yourself, if you reverse, you get caught.
When the elbow goes to the other side, you change the push into a pull.

– Second Closing. After Fetch Water, the front hand and rear elbow/shoulder form one stick. The stick is propelled forward by rear foot stepping up and sinking of the L shoulder, one move.

– To train the waist, tie the elbow to the waist and only move the waist.
Flash the Back is done by rotation from the waist. Switch side from kua area.

– Front Trick and Rear Trick. Separate the rotation from the stepping. Arm in position, step straight, rotate to drive the arms going further.

– Turn Right to Six Sealing Four Closing. Before the step, complete the rotation on the torso and R forearm first.

– Demarcation. Line. This side, that side. The elbow need switch to the other side so the hand is not stuck. Then you are shun, otherwise you are against your moves.

– Not lifting. Means not moving while carrying the weight. We get under the wight, then rotate. There is no inefficient levers. All inefficient moves are break down to efficient moves. Hand movement is inefficient, use the elbow and kua. Example: Wild Horse Parts Its Mane. On the turn, the power stays in the R kua R leg, L leg lifted, shovel out, weight centered, stretch.

– Energy never reverses, like time. Energy keeps thrusting out/forward, body parts come back (body reverses itself). Like the electricity, it looks like the wires have circles and come back, but the electricity only goes forwards. It is the Peng energy. Example: Double Negative Circle. The arms open up, full, imagine the outer arm is pushing onto a wall, when you keep pushing the arm into the wall, the arm goes up, reaches extreme, and will come back, while the energy keeps going forward and outward.

– You have the freedom to try out different methods. But in the end, we will realize there is only one way to do it right.

– You will never be able to do it, until you can see it.

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