Online Lesson with Master Chen 16th Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/16

– Training method by restriction. In early stage, we separate the arms from the torso and train the arms only. Then we train the kua only by keeping other parts of the body not moving. Once the arms are in position, then it is locked. Only move the kua. Now the shoulder elbow and torso are called not moving. Otherwise the movements of the kua will be cancelled by the movements of other parts. We want the parts we don’t restrict to get all the training.

– Body reconfiguration. Each form is the different combinations of the basic moves/elements. Positive circle as example. Three body parts: arms, torso and legs. First move, one body part, elbow in. Second move, two body parts, arm and torso, once the arm is in position, the arm and the torso are combined. Third move, three body parts, back foot kicks to the floor cause the full body stretched out.

– Three rings of Taiji. First/inner ring(1), head, shoulders and kua. Second/middle ring(2), elbows and knees. Third/outer ring(3), hands and feet. The adjacent rings can be combined. 1 and 3 cannot (will cause bending if combined). Combination: 1-2, 2-1; 2-3,3-2. In Chinese is 一和三,不见面。

– Taiji theory is a tertiary system. Basic elements is three. In practice when we need to apply, it is a quinary system. Basic elements is five.
Wuji(Nothing/0?/chaotic system) – Taoism(yin&yang/2/binary system) – Yi Jing/Book of change(3/tertiary system) – Taiji(5/quinary system)

– Train with power. Each move has a struggle/breakthrough. In with elbow, imagine you are tearing your opponent’s arm off. On the way out, imagine you are breaking something. Second Flash the back, when you pull in, you jerk so hard that your opponent will hit your chest.

– Center/torso need be strong/firm. So that the in and out do not affect the center. It is independent. Moves will improve from being accurate to being clear.

– Single whip. Once the left arm comes in, the left arm is combined with the torso as one piece, do not move any more until out with hand.

– No real learning will occur if you are not disorientated. When you are destroyed, totally lost, have nothing left, the real learning will happen. Otherwise, you will always hold onto old habits and only do adjustments without real changes. We need to be destroyed but still able to follow the instructions. Learn to follow the instructions blindly. To shift into a different learning mode.

– First Cloud hand is horizontal. Second Cloud hand is backward stepping 45 degree. Third cloud hand is horizontal, right leg has to lift and step.

– Fall into split. Twisting and powering from the kua, to switch the gear instead of swaying.

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