Richmond Hill Class Janaury 21st, 2017

by Bruce Robinson on 2017/01/28

Kelvin Ho went over the 3 of the main foundation exercise movements today, twisting the towel, Fetch Water & Six Sealing four Closing

Twisting the Towel:

  • Horse Stance, Straight Back, & Head Pulling Up
  • Palm & Wrists streched out and wrists are never to bend in any of the moves including this move of twisting the towel
  • As the same side palm pushes/squeezes out propelled by the same side foot, the elbows grind into the centre line & changes from facing the ground on a 45degree angle at the beginning to a 45degree angle facing sideways & slightly upward as the hand countinues to proceeds outward
  • Kelvin told us to imagine that the hands on both side are passing through a narrow tube on an projected imaginary horizontal line emmanating from approx:  the centre of the lower stomach… In addition he indicated we should always also imagine an imaginary vertical line as well as the horizonatal line

Fetching Water

  • Half Horse Stance, Front Knee Locked depending on which side used as front, & opposite rear side shoulder locked as well
  • front side hand down with palm facing out & rear side hand aross upper torso on angle
  • assuming the left knee to be the front knee then left hand faces down on inner side of left thigh & the right hand is on stomach
  • wrists & fingers stretched out and not bent
  • stetch between the 2 hands by squeezing the left qua to form a line between them
  • during this aforementioned stretch the left hand turns slighly out as the right shoulder rotates & moves slighly back & downwards

Six Sealing Four Closing

  • Assume a left horse stance and lock the left knee as well as tthe opposite right shoulder
  • the left hand start with palm out and the right hand fingers point staright out in from of the chest
  • wrists are locked & fingers stretched out on both hands while the left sholder squeezes inward in an attempt to form a straight line in a horizontal plane between the two hands
  • efforts aimed in this exercise are to compress the furthest out point on this imaginary triangle which exist between the two hands and the left shoulder into this horizontal line without moving the hands & in so doing causing both of the two ends in this case the two hands to lenghten by virtue of this action


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