New understanding of 3 foundations – Richmond Hill class notes on Jan 21, 2017

by lucaslu on 2017/01/26

I have two notes about today’s exercise:

  1. I have new understanding about the three foundations. The following sample assumes right hand is front hand.
    • All of them are in different forms, but the requirements are same in terms of how to apply rules and principles.
    • The final result is also same: front arm and hand are squeezed and drilling out.
    • Common rules to remember:
      • Lock both knees
      • Lock hand, shoulder and kua on the back side
      • Head up to keep body up straight
      • Do not twist wrist
      • Ensure the whole body acts as one entity , and every part is connected and supporting each other. This is so called 整劲.
    • Apply two major triangles:
      • Triangle one: left hand, right hand and front kua. Bring front kua into the line connecting two hands.
      • Triangle two: left hand, right hand and front shoulder. Two actions are involved in order to bring front shoulder into the line connecting two hands: a) Sink the shoulder; b)bring front elbow towards body center line(vertical). This action will typically leads to drilling effect (顺缠).
  2. Yilu correction by Kelvin Ho
  • Turning during “Turn to double lotus” and “Turn left to pound mortar”
    • Form a rod from shoulder to kua to heel on the turning side
    • Turn front foot
    • Turn front kua. This can be easily forgotten
    • Head up to keep body up straight
  • Dragon on the ground
    • First step: move weight to left, keep body up straight (I was leaning toward) when close two arms
    • Second step: apply fetch water to open arms

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