Bruce Robinson

  • Kelvin Ho corrected me on proper formation & alignment of tile hand (palm) which I find has helped me considerably whilst performing both the negative and positive arm circles
  • In addition Kelvin re-iterated the concept of having a stick in the arms especially from the elbow to the finger tips and with the proper use of the aforementioned hand alignment while going out with the hand & in with the elbow, without deviation by  bending at the wrist which I  have been doing ,has helped a lot
  • To be clear I did not believe or at  least I did not think I was bending at the wrist during this process, however, he pointed out that I was indeed doing so as as a means of compensating for my inflexibility in bringing the elbow in to touch the waist in the proper spot.
  •  I was really pleased today that a new chap joined our class. Having just recently completed the choreography of the entire form Kelvin has at this juncture decided to return to the start of the form and systematically move sequentially forward. Now, in all probability he has explained the breakdown of the various movements using the same words he has used before (probably many times) ,however, at least in my case today, I actually understood them more clearly than ever before which I must confess made me both happy and  more inspired to continue practicing
  • What I found when breaking down the 1st part of the first move “Budda’s Warrior Attendent Pounds Mortar”  is that when required to bring the foot in before shovelling it back out on a 45 degree angle, is that the entire core muscle groups are used to “pull” the foot in. Previously I was rising to make it easier to bring the foot in & today I was told to go lower down and activate those front/back core muscles, tendons & ligaments etc….Big difference doing it this way (properly).. to be sure.

Kelvin Ho went over the 3 of the main foundation exercise movements today, twisting the towel, Fetch Water & Six Sealing four Closing

Twisting the Towel:

  • Horse Stance, Straight Back, & Head Pulling Up
  • Palm & Wrists streched out and wrists are never to bend in any of the moves including this move of twisting the towel Read more

Bruce Robinson Notes:

Exercise to lock Knee whilst doing 1st move of cloud hands
• In Single whip posture advised by Kelvin Ho to stretch out both arms as far as possible & elbows are to face down, front hand stretched out (to vermillion palm) fingers extended & rear hand forms beak

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