Day 1

  • The kua has to come out (draw a line forward with the kua).  Don’t move anything but the kua.
  • Partner exercise: partner sets a dot a few inches in front of the kua; you have to get your kua to touch it.
  • Add speed – do it 5 times fast.  Add power – have someone hold onto your kua from the rear.  Add stepping – connect it to your elbow and don’t let the elbow move.
  • Learning – have to make ideas based on physical reality, not on ideas.

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Sword practice:

One of the unique aspects of Master Chen workshop is his hands on instructions. He will let students push hand with him in any fashion, he will give you a counter and teach you how to do it. This is my third workshops and I have started to get a feel on how to do push hands properly. Read more

There couldn’t be better occasion than the one organized by Master Giuseppe Bon’s Kung Fu and Taijiquan School to make us moving to the best of our ability along the path that we began to follow last March. Read more

Getting to the workshop location and depart for the airport are the responsibility of the participants.

Some organizers arrange airport pick-ups while others do not. Check the workshop detailed information page for further information or you can contact the workshop organizer for details.

Meals at workshop i

by fulltime on 2010/03/20

There are no restrictions for meals at workshops. Typically some participants will go for a quick lunch as a group. Whenever Master Chen is present, students are expected to chip in a dollar or two to cover his meal.

There is normally a Saturday evening dinner. This is a more formal dinner. Students also contribute to Master Chen’s dinner expense. It is expected that nothing fancy or costly will be ordered.

  1. No video taping except by permission from the host. Read more

Participants are not allowed to make any promotions at the workshops. Anything of this nature must go through the host.