Notes for 2024 Queenstown(NZ) Workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua

by Yuxin Liu on 2024/03/14

Train elastic power using Fall into Split. For me, I shouldn’t squat to the bottom, but a few inches above the lowest point, stay at that hight and shake up and down from the kua

Train with rubber band. Pull the band to the right distance with elbow high, then train in with elbow. Once the elbow cannot move any further, drive the foot into the ground and use the front kua

The transfer from front kua to rear kua in Six Sealing Four Closing.

In Glenorchy, we all videoed our Yilu. Shifu commented I still have small wiggling moves in my body, and the power cannot be transferred from the feet to the hands.

3.2-3.3 Workshop 

Ningmaojin (Twisting the towel). Lock the forearm as one piece, use the elbow to drive the forearm.
Pair training. The partner gives resistance, first use elbow, get stuck, then use the spine/dantian. Shifu touched my mingmen and right away I can feel power from kua and the middle rod able to rotate.

Nian, 捻/碾, grinding. Push the elbows to the ribs, rub the waist with elbows causing the centre to rotate. The external drives the internal. Later on, the internal can drive the external, Dantian/central rod drives the elbows. Two gears. Demonstrate with two flasks and a piece of paper.

Six Sealing Four Closing. I held shifu’s forearm. Shifu put my front elbow in position and that was very uncomfortable, feels like it is a position I haven’t trained on. Once in position, shifu asked me to use my rear elbow, lock, then turn with the waist. 
Train Six Sealing Four Closing in moving steps. The angle of front hand and rear foot should be aligned. My waist turned too much. It stayed horizontal and there was no power transfer. The power dissipates, there is no bite of the gears. The horizontal move need transfer down to the feet. 

Train Pounch Covering Hand with rubber band. Lock everything, drive with the kua and grind the foot. 
Taiji symbol, Taiji principles. Open triangle. 

Application for Flash the Back. When I move the back, the front is also moving. My body needs to be in an awkward position and be able to lock in space. 

Wall pushing. To open and stretch Dazhui 大椎(cervical spine), 尾闾 the coccyx and the back of the knee. The partner to push you in any angle. The body is expanded and full.

The difficult part is if you can let it go after you gain the ability. Then there is a possibility for next level. When only using the arms works, let go of the arms and try to use other parts.

Changun缠棍。Three dots interchanging. The stick will stay in place only rotate.

Shaking the pole. Hold it the other way around to train. The rear arm is always rubbing the body, use a piece of leather there.

Try with shifu negative circle. Kua filled up in position, shoulder goes down, out with hand.

Bie in half horse stance. Front foot out, front knee in, front kua up, rear kua back and down, rear knee up and out, rear foot in. 

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