Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua‘s Online Lesson on 5th Nov. 2020 — Carlotta Viviani

by Carlotta Viviani on 2020/11/09

  • After learning the choreography the next step is to reach the extreme. Stance and size must become very big
  • We have to learn to lock one place. This will force other parts of the body to continue the move. Restriction is a way to train the entire body
  • Our holding is not grabbing. If you grab you are caught. Our holding is loose, like a hand cuff. But when you turn you can actually catch

Cloud Hands

  • Moves must have a middle. A-B-C we cannot move from A to C without B
  • The overall move has to be divided into two sections. First part is tension, the second part is release 
  • The Taiji-action is a spring-like action. Load up (tension): the power stops because of a wall on the front shoulder/kua line. The power is then released into the arms. Example of inch worm action.
  • Do not go from the back to the front (A to C) with the body. You cannot reach the two ends with the body. You’re always in the centre


Lean with the Back

  • Don’t twist the kua


Six sealing and four closing

  • No back loading. If the body is back loading you have power, but no mobility. When the centre is in front you have a little less power but you can move
  • Problem: Hand-Elbow synchronised. The Hand and Elbow must be separated. Backward move is a backward stretch. As the elbow moves in it has to stretch from the hand. Forward move: the elbow is like a ball inside the arm. It goes to the hand. There is a size changing without changing the shape. This is very difficult to accomplish. This part is the internalness


Front trick Rear trick

  • Between Front Trick and Rear Trick it has to be a stop


Single Whip

  • Hand out. The only requirement is do not push with the elbow (out with hand, no elbow). To lead with hand is consider a pull


Small Hitting and Catching

  • Exaggerate the waist and pull the elbow backward with the waist
  • You want the waist to pull the hand and then you want the hand to pull the waist (must be connected)


Embrace Head to push the Mountain

  • Big stance. We have to tear the kua open. Don’t fold the kua. It’s a stretch. (Similar to Lead with the Back)


Double Shake Feet

  • No move on the hand
  • Knee-hip-elbow-hand= one piece. It’s a very heavy weapon
  • Train until you feel your hand is the stomping foot





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